Playing Purse

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Boredom rarely struck growing up on Prytania Ave in the 70’s.  That’s because on our city block alone, the parents there had birthed over 60 children…yes 60.  Of course the ages were varied, but in my ‘baseball age group’ there were at least 30 kids to tap into for entertainment.  One of my favorite night time summer games to play was called “purse”.

Playing purse was easy – all that was required was an old purse from a mom, a little patience and the primary secret ingredient – dog poop.  We would play this game as the sun was going down.  The ball games had ended for the day and it was time for serious evening entertainment.  The game was the invention of Tim (who sadly is no longer with us).  We would acquire an old purse from anyone’s mom and then we would place a few lumps from Tim’s dog kennel.  Next we would wait for no passing cars and then one of us would run out to the middle of the street and drop the purse.  We’d then hide and watch the fun unfold.  I can’t recall just how many times a car would come by, stop to collect the purse and then about midway down the block we’d see the purse come flying out the window!

We’d laugh ourselves silly…..and then reset the bait, waiting for the next victim.

13 comments on “Playing Purse

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  3. Tammy Faber says:

    We lived on Prytania on the other side of the street and opposite end of the block from you. Janelle and I would collect purses for you guys to use. I remember sitting on the porch hiding and watching. I remember some people putting the purse in the car, driving a few houses, and then throwing it out. Loved living on that street!

    • rlwyattcali says:

      Wasn’t it a fun street? 🙂 Thanks for the comment! Follow the blog if you enjoy the stories. I just finished writing a very funny one that will be posted in the next day or two in celebration of the Halloween theme. 😉

  4. Gloria Faber says:

    I am Gloria Faber, Tammy’s mom, I just about ran out of purses helping to supply you all. We would sit on our porches and laugh at you kids. It was good clean fun. One time a car circled the block before picking up the purse and hopped back in the car. As they drove out of site, we could hear ,Oh sh”.t. You were all so entertaining…

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