How to Train a Fly – (another worthless skill which never made it to my resume)


At the time of this writing, I am down in Phoenix waiting for carpet guys.  One single fly had gotten into the house and had found its way to annoying me as I sat on the floor, just waiting for a phone call and writing while waiting.  I tried brushing the fly away, but it had decided I guess that I was the most interesting thing in the empty house.  I decided I would just go ahead and catch it and throw it outside.  Yes, I can catch flies.  I confess though that fly catching is not a skill that has ever made it to my resume (oh no, I saved that for the whole world to read). Continue reading


My First Steady (or Four Minutes in 12 Year-Old Slow Dance Heaven)


All of us have lots and lots of regrets in life, lots.  Some are very significant and major life altering events.  Others are tiny moments we wished we had acted differently and we still think about many years after the occurrence.  All of our actions and inaction, however, serve to help form who we are today. Continue reading

Remember the Time We Attended Our First Concert – How Can you Forget Alice?

This blog story is my very first entry for the Remember the Time Blog Hop.


The very first concert I ever attended was none other than the infamous 65 year old, still rockin’ today, (and known to his parents as Vince), Alice Cooper.  Not only was it Alice Cooper, but it was the Welcome to my Nightmare Tour.  The year was 1975 and the day was April 6, two days after my 17th birthday.  The concert tickets, (and the parental escort), were birthday presents and it was for me the very first time I thought my parents could actually do something ‘cool’.  I didn’t have any money and I didn’t yet have a real job so I was totally uneducated about concert events; where they occurred, how much they cost and what went on inside the venues. Continue reading

My First Car was really a Tank


Up until the invention of social media, we kids just absolutely could not wait until we got our driver’s license and a car to drive.  Today kids can stay connected via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it.  A car today does not hold the same significance as it did in all the past decades.  If you didn’t have a car, you didn’t get around town.  If you didn’t get around town, you never met other girls and boys and you were never connected to the stories that came in to school on Mondays.  For a teenage boy, a car meant the possibility of sex!  Now, don’t get me wrong – just because you had a car did not mean you were automatically going to get to have sex.  But we didn’t know that – we thought all the boys that had a car were in the club!  Why was this so important?  Because teenage boys think about sex more than they think about eating!  As we approached the age of 16 in Ohio, figuring out a way to get a car and to afford the gasoline was the paramount mission. Continue reading

Morning Breeze – More Childhood Antics & Stinky Smells


The west side of Hamilton, Ohio in the 60’s and 70’s had some great little shops on Main St. we kids just loved to visit.  My favorite first stop was Frederick’s Coin Shop.  Frederick was a grouchy old timer, an official numismatist, (fancy word for coin collector), and he only tolerated kids visiting his store because he figured he’d make a buck off of us one day.  He probably was a good businessman, but he sure seemed like he’d sell his own mother if she could be wrapped in a plastic case and set out for display. Continue reading

Batball – More Favorite Nighttime Activities as a Kid


Summer evenings were wonderful on Prytania Avenue.  With over 30 kids around my age on our city block, we rarely had a shortage of ideas for new and exciting games to play.  One such game played over the course of 2-3 summers we called “Batball”.  When playing baseball we would need a certain number of kids needed to field a team, gloves for our hands in order to catch the balls, bases (or dirt spots on the ground) and a bat with which to hit the ball.  Baseball was also played during the daytime.

Almost everything about batball was the opposite of baseball.  It was played at night, there were no bases, there were no gloves in batball, there was no team, no runs and no need to keep score.  All that was needed to play batball was a light “whiffle” ball and nature – specifically real bats!  Yes, I’m talking about the flying kind; the kind of bat that could pass rabies to us if it chose to latch onto your neck and suck your blood….those kind of bats.  Bats only come out at night so that’s why this was a nighttime ‘game’.  Actually to be considered an official ‘game’ I guess there has to be some kind of score or at least a winner and a loser.  If we all had fun that night, we all won.  Only once can I ever remember anyone even coming close to being a loser in batball.  The rules of batball were simple and I document them here just in case you would like to play this game for yourself at home. Continue reading

Do You Remember Your Very First Kiss? — I Sure Do!


Although most of my informative years were spent living in a house on Prytania Avenue, five years were spent in a rented house on Goodman Avenue in the Fillmore Elementary school district, (1029 Goodman to be precise).  It was in that house that I was to find my first best friend, (Timmy Apwisch), my first life threatening experience, (getting hit by a school bus), and my very first kiss on the lips from someone who was not my mother or a relative with a little too much facial hair. Continue reading

Sixth Grade – A Shocking Discovery


My favorite elementary teacher of all time was a man named Art Adams.  Only Amy Wright, my third grade teacher, came close to rivaling the level of care and instruction doled out by Mr. Adams.  This story I am about to share touches on the dark side of Art Adams, (if he ever really had a dark side). Continue reading

Feeding the Tree – just one of many childhood embarrassments


Every kid growing up in the Prytania alley had at least one embarrassing moment, one of those that the other kids talk and laugh about for years and one that we all can recall with vivid memory recall…everyone.  Did you ever watch the movie, A Christmas Story?  if so, then you recall the moment that Flick got his tongue stuck on the flagpole.  This is the story of one such event for Tari.  Continue reading