Scott is King of the Hill

It was Scott, not Hank

It was Scott, not Hank

We had moved to Prytania after the 4th grade.  I attended Lincoln Elementary for 5th and 6th grades.  Coincidentally, my wife Kim attended Lincoln through 5th grade and lived only a block away from me but I didn’t know who she was and wouldn’t meet her until 10th grade.

Yes, Steve had pretty good core balance - probably was tough to knock off the hill

Yes, Steve had pretty good core balance – probably was tough to knock off the hill

My younger brother Steve, who was in 3rd grade at the time, came home one day and told me there was this funny kid at school who at recess time would stand at the top of the playground near the fencing and would push all the kids down the hill in a King of the Hill fashion.  He told me I had to see him, and that it was really funny to watch.  The next day I went down to check it out and sure enough, there was a siege being attempted by a few smaller kids trying to take the top of the hill from this other kid.  Steve told me the kid’s name – Scott Pike.

And so that was that.  I never really gave it any further thought.  It was just a funny little game being played by third graders and nothing more….or was it?  If we all were to pay attention; if we all looked for connections, looked for hints of our linkages to each other, who are the people you would find connections to?  Would they just be mere semblances to you or would they help you feel there is more meaning to your lives?

My life sometimes feels to me like a gigantic mound of interrelated connections and coincidences.  I think this is so though only because I look for them.  When I see them, I immediately mentally call them out and if they’re important enough, I’ll remember them forever, (or until Alzheimer’s kicks in – whichever comes first).  As a tiny example, just “now”, (the day I am writing this one), my virtual blogger friend Emily posted a short note about a CNN interview she was a part of and she referenced the movie Forrest Gump. I had finished reading her story and posted a complimentary comment and made a reference of my own to Forrest Gump.  No sooner had I posted it that the song which popped up on my Sirius radio was Freebird, the song being played in Forrest Gump when Jenny was outside on the ledge.  I love catching these little things for if nothing else, they make life more interesting.

What of Scott Pike, King of the Hill?  He would later become my brother-in-law.  It was all just another coincidence in my life, another piece of the puzzle, another hint that there was someone out there I was meant to be with….at least that’s my juicy rationalization for the day.

For those who are wondering just how important rationalizations are, watch this short 1-minute clip from The Big Chill (one of my favorite discussion banters in movies)

3 comments on “Scott is King of the Hill

  1. The Waiting says:

    I’ve got another one for you:

    When I was in high school, there was a guy in my clique who I was friends with, but our relationship was mostly one of making fun of each other and good-hearted oneupmanship. One night at the dinner table, my family was recounting the events of the day and I mentioned him by his first and last name. My dad recognized his last name (which was not a common name at all) and asked me to ask my friend what his dad’s name was the next day. I did and reported it back to my dad. Turns out, my dad and his dad grew up on the same block and had a similar adversarial kinship with each other 30 years prior. One *may* have beaten the other up at some point. Won’t say who, but I effectively held the upper hand until we graduated.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. rlwyattcali says:

    Urban Hatfields and McCoys you were….for some reason your comment just sparked another memory for me that I absolutely have to go jot down so I can turn into another story. Short version would be that for a couple of days I suspected my wife and I were blood relatives with each other. Circumstances can be made humorous….gotta’ go jot that one down. YW for the mention – this is the story I was writing that day we traded notes. 🙂 He commented to me in Facebook the other day how much he was enjoying reading the stories so I replied – well, then Scott the next one’s going to feature you then. 🙂 btw – that really is my brother Steve on that tall unicycle. I still own a regular sized one here at the house. Both my wife and I can still ride them.

    Catch ya later Em…..are we on a 2-character name basis yet? (though Ro doesn’t sound very attractive….reminds me of Rogaine, which I could use)

  3. […] she had a crush on him).  And where have I heard that name Pike before?  Oh yeah, the little King of the Hill guy (read me) – I wonder if they’re […]

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