What Goes Around, Comes Around – My First Speeding Ticket

Pull Over Kid

Pull Over Kid

Anyone reading this story I am sure remembers his or her first time they were issued a ticket for speeding.  How many of you though recall it with great fondness?  I do – it was a fine moment in my young life. Continue reading

How do you Mend a Broken Heart? – You Find The One you were Meant For

Better to leave your heart broken than to hurt yourself trying to fix it

Better to leave your heart broken than to hurt yourself trying to fix it

My wife and I were “destined” to be with each other.  I absolutely know this to be truth.  How do I know?  Well, you will have to stay tuned into my blog to learn as I am slowly making my way into those stories.  Before I posted any Kim tales, I wanted to write all the other childhood girlfriend stories to document my learning experience on the path to finding the love of my life, my wife of 35 year; indeed another childhood sweetheart as well since Kim and I began our journey together during high school.  The story here is of my final love before finally given the opportunity to try to win my future wife’s heart.

At least for a partial time during the school year, I pretty much had a girlfriend in every grade while growing up. Unless we were playing together, I never really knew much of what to do with them though except maybe to carry their books and walk them home. My first real ‘dating’ experience came at the age of 15. Her name was Betty. I met her at the First Baptist Church at one of the junior roller socials we used to have in the gymnasium. A ‘roller social’ was a time where we cleared the gymnasium floor, (which was also the church on Sunday), and we roller skated. It was open to us teenagers and it was a nice way to give us a safe haven to hang out at. Betty had come with a friend and I was immediately attracted to her big brown eyes and pretty face.

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Third Grade – New Friends, Heartbreak, Empathy….Change

OK, so she didn't always look grumpy

OK, so she didn’t always look grumpy

This week’s RTT post theme is ‘end of days’.  For every ending there is a beginning so this week I chose to share a story I consider to be a bit of a time of beginnings for me.  I hope you enjoy.


In A Shocking Discovery (read me) I wrote about my favorite teacher, Art Adams. I shared his darker side and wrote about how he helped me as a young adult while attempting to earn my first degree. If I were asked who I would award the ‘Gold Standard’ prize to among my teachers, I would have to say the award goes to Mrs. Amy Wright, my third grade teacher at Fillmore Elementary School.

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Simpler Times – My First Childhood Friend Tim

We also have singing in common - I hope he's better than I

We also have singing in common – I hope he’s better than I

This week’s “Remember the Time Blog Hop” topic is supposed to be about the time we had an imaginary friend. I never had an imaginary friend. I have plenty of voices in my head, but none of them are very friendly and I work very hard to keep them contained. Rather than bow out of the weekly writing episode, I have decided to break the rules and write about my very first childhood friend, Tim Apwisch (Timmy). I know I am not the first in the blog hop to break this rule as my virtual friend Kelly has done the same thing so hopefully I won’t get kicked out of the club, (oh and real friends sure beat having a jar of pimentos as a friend).

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Romance & Royalty in the Fourth Grade

Ours were shorter and more rectangular

Ours were shorter and more rectangular

Before I write any stories about my girlfriend, (ultimately my wife), I am working my way through childhood romances.  There is one that I almost accidentally skipped so let me try to document what I remember about my fourth grade flame Kathy Dudley, and anything else worthy of mention that year. Continue reading

Someone Please Hit me with a Bus – Oh Wait, that Already Happened!



I should not be alive writing this.  Let me start right there.  How many people do you know who have survived getting hit by a 20,000 pound school bus, no less at the age of seven?  I not only survived, but I had no broken bones and no permanent physical damage, (though over the years my wife and I have had some serious debates over my mental stability).  This story could have perhaps been my very first blog story, but I’ve been putting it off.  I don’t know why, but I think I wanted to make sure I had a lot of fun stories written first.  I am continuing to be open and honest in my posts, but I hoped to make you laugh and to make you feel a bit nostalgic for your own past.  I didn’t think too many of my readers would associate with getting hit by a bus as a child, so I just did not want to begin there.  I have mentioned it however several times so now it’s time to share this memory which is one of my most pivotal events. Continue reading

Sex Education – Are you Kidding? Sam Kinison Spoke the Truth

This week’s   theme is about sex education. I usually post a link to my stories in Facebook but I think I will skip this one so if you are reading this, it means you are one of the lucky followers or someone who has accidentally stumbled onto something you perhaps thought would deliver an epiphany.  HA!

Sex education – are you serious?  I know most of my readers are ladies so today you get to read the boys’ perspective on this topic.  Here goes: Continue reading

Everything Came in a Giant Pot – Dinnertime at Prytania

This is the mob - shortly after getting married. I'm the smug one, top middle.

This is the mob – shortly after getting married. I’m the smug one, top middle.

This is a story about what dinners were like every night for 11 people – 9 kids and 2 adults. At one point 7 of us were teenagers. I mention this early because teenagers eat a LOT of food! Maybe we ought to start with the grocery store before we go to dinner? Mom would go to the grocery store, (Marsh Super Market), and typically at least one of us would volunteer to help out with the shopping. At the mention of a potential trip to the grocery store, the smart kids would immediately duck out, hopefully beyond shouting distance. A ‘volunteer’ was always necessary because groceries would never fit into just one shopping cart.

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Halloween – The Time I Scared the Crap out of My Kids

No, it's not a convict - that's me trying to be Beetlejuice!  It's Showtime!

No, it’s not a convict – that’s me trying to be Beetlejuice! It’s Showtime!

This week’s Remember the Time Blog Hop theme is of course about Halloween, anything Halloween-related.  If you have read any of my other stories then perhaps you have run across Playing Purse.  (read me)  No?  OK, then perhaps you’ve read What’s That Smell?  (read me)  Still no?  Well then certainly you’ve read one of these: Missing Tricycle Seats can cause Hernias, Right?, Burn ‘Em or Morning Breeze.  Alright, well if the answer is still no then read this one – AD – After Dinosaurs, there were Jackalopes & Christmas Surprise.  (read me)  Go ahead, I’ll wait. Continue reading