My Sister is a Fighter – Challenging the Household Pecking Order

The Clan

The Clan

In Bucking the Pecking Order (read me) I wrote about how there existed a natural kid pecking order in ‘The Alley’ – dictated by grade level or age.  It was one of the great natural existing rules created by Alley Ancestors; a rule which aided the survival of the entire Alley Tribe because it eliminated internal Alley Prison Riots and ensured our numbers remained large and strong.  Within the families though was a different story.  Normally age level dictated a natural pecking order, but occasionally one larger, younger sibling challenged the ranks.  I saw this happen amongst almost all of our families in The Alley – usually it was the larger families where tensions ran high due to our being imprisoned together in cramped quarters.  Today, there are laws against such cruelty against children.

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It’s True, you really do Catch More Flies with Honey – Getting my Louisiana Drivers License

Honey Flies

Honey Flies

As I am writing this story, I am down in Phoenix, only 3 days after my retirement from P&G (read me).  Kim and I are trying to ensure at least one of us is visiting monthly to maintain the house before we one day move here on a more permanent basis.  I have a car here, my 2001 Ford Escape so one of my chores on this trip is to get it registered and titled in AZ.  That was supposed to be yesterday’s chore but the blower motor on the home HVAC system chose this day to go out.  That was 6:30 pm.  I spent the night sleeping on the couch, with a fan blowing directly on me all evening.  The house got up to a balmy 90 degrees.  Ah, retirement….ain’t she sweet!

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Meet the Parents – Part 2 of 2

This is the exciting conclusion to last week’s introductory story. (read me)

(Everyone sing with me) Let's all go to the movies

(Everyone sing with me) Let’s all go to the movies

Dinner; all the family was there; Mom (Gerri), Dad (Mel), brothers Scott and Kevin and sister Traci.  I’m not quite sure how Kim prepped her siblings, but they were all kinda’ treating me sort of like Bright Eyes from the Planet of the Apes.  I felt a bit like I was in a cage and was supposed to do something, perhaps entertain.  It was fun being the center of attention, I guess.  Continue reading

Meet the Parents – Part 1 of 2


You Share Everything when You're a Steady

You Share Everything when You’re a Steady

Are you married?  Maybe you’re currently dating.  Do they still call it dating?  Back when I was a kid, we called it “liking” someone.  If you liked someone well enough, you asked them to “go steady”.  If you went steady, you each traded something important and gave it to the other person to wear and to publicize that you each were spoken for.  In the 50’s it was a school jacket or a pin.  In my day, it was an ID bracelet in Jr High, (read me), then class rings in high school.  In fact, going steady was often the whole reason for getting a class ring for a lot of us.  Today, the kids pronounce they are “married” as a Facebook status.

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