Agent Orange is the New Black – I Like You, I’ll Kill You Last

Nasty Stuff - not a WMD?

Nasty Stuff – not a WMD?

There are of course many qualities and behaviors which should be nurtured as we’re trying to learn to be good leaders; aspects like integrity, trust, mutual respect and several others.  I’ve always tried to lead and manage by applying The Golden Rule.  I understand what it means to have the ‘luck of birth’.  We don’t get a choice as to our fathers and mothers or how they choose to raise us.  No one likes to follow, (or even be around), people who think they are better than others.  Humility is an important aspect to display when you’re trying to gain the respect of, and lead others.  Nowhere is this perhaps more important than in dangerous areas – whether it is in a militaristic situation or, in my case, working for 8 years in a foundry where perhaps 20% of our population had criminal records. Continue reading

Asking Kim to Go Steady

It ID'd you as belonging to someone

It ID’d you as belonging to someone

The last story in the ‘Chasing Kim’ saga dealt with the first night I shared meeting the parents, watching home movies and necking in the basement.  It was a thrilling two parter so if you need to revisit them before you begin this exciting chapter, then please do.  Here are the links (Part 1)  (Part 2).  (Read me)

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Coin Collecting – Once a Collector, Always a Collector

The infamous Whitman Folders

The infamous Whitman Folders

In My First Car Was Really a Tank (read me), I spoke about trading in a coin collection at Frederick’s Coin Shop so that I could have money to buy a part for an old car.  When I was a very young boy, my dad had a small coin collection and he got me started by buying me a new Whitman Lincoln penny coin folder.  Whitman folders were ‘the’ folder for collecting coins (and I assume they still are).  Continue reading

Two More Laps – Part Two

A Landmark in my memory

A Landmark in my memory

And now….the exciting conclusion to last week’s story, Two More Laps

I remember that each time a new face would come out to greet me, I would shout out an important declaration – “TWO MORE LAPS!”  Apparently the accountant in me felt the need to express the solution in terms of a precise numerical declaration.  I’m not sure how long I had been walking when 5 or 6 wet bodies came out to get me with the purpose of tossing me into the pool.  Likely they felt a drenching was what was needed for sobering me up.

I was so drunk that I was scared.  I tried to look as sober and straight faced as I could to the wet one of the group who had a reputation for being level-headed.  That was a guy named Ricky.  The guys had all had me lifted and were making our way to the pool.  “Ricky – I don’t know if I can get out.”  I’m certain Ricky had a few to drink, just as everyone else in the group, but my statement had the desired sobering effect because Ricky immediately got in front of the group and said, “hey guys, this might not be such a good idea.  Let’s leave Rob alone out here, let him keep walking.”  There were some moans and groans but they trusted Ricky’s judgment and set me down.  Continue reading

Two More Laps – Part One

I love you man.  No, I love you man!

I love you man. No, I love you man!

This would be the second time, (or third if I count a party at the Menzer house in high school), that I drank uncontrollably, but FINALLY learned a lesson.  It goes down in my personal journals as my most stupid drinking night (as an adult).  My ‘first’ bad night occurred many years earlier and I have to claim teenager-ignorance otherwise it would be my most stupid.  I offer it here if you’d enjoy reading (link).  I didn’t know my limit and it resulted in a rough night.  I remembered my lesson learned from this experience until I forgot about it 16-17 years later.  This is that story, offered in two parts.  Look for the conclusion next week. Continue reading