Asking Kim to Go Steady

It ID'd you as belonging to someone

It ID’d you as belonging to someone

The last story in the ‘Chasing Kim’ saga dealt with the first night I shared meeting the parents, watching home movies and necking in the basement.  It was a thrilling two parter so if you need to revisit them before you begin this exciting chapter, then please do.  Here are the links (Part 1)  (Part 2).  (Read me)

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Our chemistry has always been strong.  At least, speaking for myself, you might correlate it to a crystal meth addiction – I could never get enough of Kim.  I like to think that the good chemistry helped to get us over a few bumps on the long highway of marriage.  We weren’t yet having sex, (yes readers, that will one day hit The Press), but I was definitely extremely physically attracted to Kim from day one (read thunderbolt).  I was a virgin still (well, except for the number of girls in the Niagara Falls area). I had made it as far as third base with a girl named Sherry, but real sex was still a ways off.  In my day, real sex typically didn’t come unless you were lucky enough to be with a girl who wanted to use ‘too much alcohol at the party’ as an excuse or else you had a steady girlfriend.  It’s a good thing I hadn’t yet run into an alcohol girl because other than the verbal instruction I had from Colin, (read me), I didn’t have much of a clue relative to sex.

Kim and I had begun seeing each other regularly at school in between almost every class.  After school, we usually would have a little telephone time at night with each other.  For you younger readers here, we didn’t have cell phones – we didn’t even have cordless yet.  We roughed it with good ‘ole genuine land line house phones, usually from a standard wall jack.  If you were really lucky, your parents had purchased the extra long phone cord so that you could stretch the receiver into any room close by and capable of having a closed door – “that” was privacy in our day!

The conversations were never serious, at least not yet.  Typically we’d chat about the day at school, especially if something interesting occurred that day, (like maybe Jerry Flick swallowing a live goldfish in between classes).  Once on the phone Kim told me she needed to go cut the forest on her legs.  What?  Even though I had five sisters, I can’t recall any of them discussing the act of shaving legs.  It’s a very natural thing for girls, but I remember this conversation still because I had never been part of a leg-shaving conversation before.  It was another first for me.  Also ladies/girls – take notice: unless you’re talking about your pancreas or spleen, don’t mention any body part to us men unless you’re trying to excite us.  Don’t forget we’re animals.  Toes, fingers, kidneys, legs – they drive us crazy.

When we were young, there weren’t a whole lot of ‘dating’ activities – typically, it boiled down to spending time at each other’s house, or going to the skating rink or the movies.  Kim and I hadn’t yet hit the drive-ins, but we had two walk-in theaters; Cinema West and The Court Theater.  Both of these theaters were within walking distance from my house.  This fact made our early dating pretty convenient, especially since in the early days, I didn’t yet have a car.  I was soon to get my very own car (read me) but many of our initial dates involved walking down to Richard’s Pizza and then walking next door to the Cinema West or across the bridge to The Court.

We weren’t to buy our class rings until later in our junior or senior year.  By the way, the only reason we boys buy a class ring is not because we want to tout our allegiance to our school spirit.  Well, I guess there are some of us who buy the rings for their spirit, but for most of us it is the spirit of love – we buy it with the hope of giving it away to a lucky lady, yes, to go steady!

For now though, I had the handy-dandy “Rob” ID bracelet in my pocket.  I had been carrying my bracelet in my pocket for the past couple of dates, trying to get my nerve up to ask Kim the big question.  You know, ‘the’ big question – do you use a hard or soft lotion?  As nervous as I was, it’s a wonder I didn’t really ask her that.  But finally I got up my nerve.  During a quiet moment in a movie at The Court, I popped the question – Kim, will you go steady with me?  I have to confess that I don’t remember Kim’s exact response.  I know that she accepted.  Kim wasn’t “head over heels” for me like I was for her, so my guess is that her reply went something like this:

“Yeah, uh sure…I mean, if someone better comes along, I’m dumping your butt, but yeah…I guess?”

I’m kidding of course.

Yes, this is how I remember the Court Theater

Yes, this is how I remember the Court Theater

What do we call it when we go steady?  “Steadiness?”  The steadiness began at The Court Theater where I had been dumped by my last girl; an appropriate setting, don’t you think?

I was to later learn that our steadiness was possibly to be short lived…..but that is a story for a later time.  For now, we were steadies and I was happy.

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  1. ginjuh says:

    Do people date still?

  2. […] the last story about my relationship with Kim, I wrote about my asking her to go steady with me.  (Feel free to read it here if you missed it).  I’ve had my share of high school rejections, (including one whose response was […]

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