The Places We Lived – Houses and Apartment Life

Prytania - Where the Growing Up Began

Prytania – Where the Growing Up Began

As mentioned briefly in Camaro and Firebirds (read me) we all remember quite vividly the places we’ve lived and the many memories that are forged in those places.  Indeed, our paths in this life, the things we do, the things that happen to us, they are all strongly linked to the choices we’ve made for the places we’ve chosen to live in.  The tiniest change could have impacted so many elements of our past and future.  In our case, had we not moved to Louisiana, we might not have a third child, who knows?  I do – everything would change, everything.  Everything we see, everything we do, every choice we make is linked to every future action and choice.  It is a spiderweb, so choose wisely.

The following is a list of the places we lived as a family, accompanied by my own personal quick brainstorm listing of some of the strongest memories, those that come to mind for me when I think of each house.  Many of them will make it into a story one day, some have already made it.  These are the places the earliest memories for my children began.

With all of this said, this is just a teaser.  Some of these things are already written about, but many are not (yet).  If for nothing else, I hope this list puts a smile or two on my boys’ faces.

Frisch's is the square white top building

Frisch’s is the square white top building

196 Westbrook Dr. #12 – Beginnings

Late night, last minute trek to Frisch’s for hot fudge cake
Throwing keys into the wall
Getting sucked in to buy a set of encyclopedias
Ronda in the black bikini
Grilling explosion on balcony
Precious, trying to breed her
Bought miniature dachshund for Pikes
How’s your kitty?  Call at 2 am on wedding night, drunken LTD.
Wisdom teeth removal by the football player and McDonalds milkshakes
Kim begins LPN school
Leaving Taco Bell
Sun poisoning in FL, studying on balcony
Beginning working at the foundry

We thought we had made it when we moved here

We thought we had made it when we moved here

704 Gordon-Smith Blvd #11 – Movin’ on Up

Mitchell born here
Earthquake while watching Bengals game
Feeding Mitch in the walker, hates the veges
MTV the only thing on TV at night
Mitch chewing on the Go-Go’s
Playing cards with Traci and Rick, Chic, Firefall and Evelyn King
New furniture, white and rust colored, spilled bowl of chili on it
Snowed in the parking lot
Also had a balcony
Dropped Mitch while in car seat, scraped head
Bought the Chevy van while living there
Sold Firebird due to gas prices since driving to UC, too fast for you
Diaper service
Mitch poop painting
Mitchell’s first birthday
Finish my ASB, begin UC evening college
Kim’s parents celebrate 25th, big party

Ouch!  Watch out for that Garage Door!

Ouch! Watch out for that Garage Door!

Millville-Oxford Rd Millville – The First House

Garage door fell, almost got me
Ducks next door, almost got me
Moles in the big back yard, almost got me
Dry summer, ran out of well water twice
Mitch 4th birthday party there
Rented from Dave and Stephanie we went to school with


I swear these are not our kids' toys!

I swear these are not our kids’ toys!

Greenway Place Hamilton – First Home

Teaching Mitchell to say the address
Cleveland Elementary
Riding the Big Wheel
Lived across street from Steve Wilson parents
Snow sledding at the water tower (and where Puff dropped off)
Sister lives there now
Annoying little red head next door
Smaller house and back yard, decent back porch
How to squeeze two cars into a one car garage
Blow torches are good for keeping pipes unfrozen
Nice little bar area in basement, semi finished
Precious died there, fell down steps after vet McGraw
Corey born there
Why you acting so stupid for?
Preacher visited one night, Kim deathly sick
Preacher’s daughter always flirting with me (Little Debbie)
Bike rides to Reily
Tee ball begins here
Is that ‘Beat It?’
Kim begins RN school here
Lots of softball and basketball with Deuscher folks
Rode bike to work a few times, biking with Ron Huff
Me and Mitch walk to Elder Beermans
Sliding on ice, crashing in front of Ross High School
Bought the Tercel here to drive to night school

We are Homeowners!

We are Homeowners!

Brookwood Ave – We are Home Owners

Walks pushing the stroller
100 year old pool table
Mel makes kitchen bar for us
Mitch playing drums in mud room
Kim surprise 30th birthday
I graduate UC, party turkey
Still more church bowling
Mitch gets hit in head with steel bar
Built first swing set and sandbox
Friend Tim Apwisch stops in to visit
Kim finishes RN school
First home owned
Walking to United Dairy Farmers for ice cream
Getting job with P&G
Broken window altercation with the paperboy
Cicadas of 87
Mitch wins bike at fishing derby
Visiting Celina, too many people on the pontoon boat
Last accident in auto, 1989 where I was at fault
Saving Nicole from the deathly lake Mary waters
Anderson’s and Wyatts go to Gatlinburg
Bought the first minivan

Our LA Castle, aptly on Castle Rd.

Our LA Castle, aptly on Castle Rd.

Alexandria, LA – Great People, Great Food

6th grade center and the need for private school
Mitch basketball and tennis, cheerleader girlfriend
2 more laps
Many great parties at our house, everyone in the pool
Killer and Squeaky, one for each
Corey gets accent, “pank”, damn national paper
Pulling down the Christmas tree with Snoopy pole
Drove the Tercel down here, giant bugs
Hodges Garden, best hamburger ever tasted (Mitch quote)
New Orleans
Having Timmy, amnio
The great food, walking to Coleman’s
We be white
Visit to the DMV
Kim fixes a ticket
A new career at Procter
Spider bite, kim chasing me with needle
Kim makes some great friends at work in the ER
We’re the only ones walking in the heat
In the outfield, hottest I ever felt, even hotter than the foundry
Golfing in 105 temp our initial visit
Our first crawfish boil, burns your lips
Hurricane, then tropical storm Andrew
Tim is born here
Going back to school for MBA
Switching functions at work, then moving back to Ohio
Kim works in the ER
Mitch takes up guitar
Dinner catching fire
Kim’s first friend in LA is a pot smoker

Give Me Liberty or a Big Mortgaga

Give Me Liberty or a Big Mortgage

Liberty Township – Is it Middletown?

First and only brand new house
Schools built by Kim’s dad
Corey gets into soccer
Breaking leg in 3 places
Hit head-on by drunk driver
Song writing
Switching functions again to IT
Getting back into F&A, options
Short marriage separation, counseling, living alone
Boys begin driving cars
Kim continues ER work
Working in ACAPS
Boys’ assimilation back into Ohio, they lose LA accents, Tim does initial growing up in Ohio
Tim’s daycare teacher is his aunt Traci
Haunted walks at Governor Bebb (Tim craps his pants)
Finishing the basement, build a music room
Learning to sell on Ebay
Mitchell’s basement massage
Christmas Surprise
Karaoke on date night in West Chester
Finally bought a motorcycle
Bought the Escape after totaling the Mitsubishi
Bus riding to downtown Cincinnati
Serving crawfish to the neighbors
Making the big move out west to California
Disney Cruise & Disney World
Saint Barth’s 25th anniversary
Golf trips to French Lick, Phoenix, Tucson, Myrtle Beach
Golfing like a F’ing amateur
Could I have some sour cream?  No, how about mayo?

Hills that is, Swimming Pools, Movie Stars

Hills that is, Swimming Pools, Movie Stars

California – Loaded up the Truck and Moved to Beverly

Napa and Amador County
Hearst Castle
Pebble Beach
Guadalupe, best steak ever
Monarch migration
Whale watching
Big Sur, Pfeiffer Park
Muriel Woods
San Fran and Saucelido
Avenue of the Giants
Sequoia National Park
Mohave Desert
Death Valley
Hoover Dam
Vegas and Red Rock
Palm Spring and Desert
Vancouver Island, Kim’s 50th and our 30th
Ashland, OR
Golf trips to Phoenix
Corey goes to college
Relocating Corey to Phoenix
Buying Corey’s house
Couples’ golf outings, north and to Phoenix
Bike riding the American River
Kim’s Spa and Torture Retreat
Panning for gold
Kids finding lots of gold in a creek, selling it on Ebay
Lots of hiking Tahoe, Auburn
Exploring Gold Country
Tim and private school, his accident
Tim becomes a Californian
No bugs, no humidity
The big house hunt
Napping in the back yard, grilling out throughout the year
Best sleeping weather in the world
Joining a country club
Flat tees and gold
Getting my first hole in one
Upgrading the motorcycle, commuting to work

As I’m writing these episodes, documenting my tiny life story, I sometimes ask myself why, and for whom am I writing?  Most of these are for me and if others enjoy a few of them along the way, well that’s icing on the cake I guess.  As we all age, and especially as we watch our children grow older, many of us have a desire to leave behind a piece of ourselves.  I’m hoping that after I’m gone, my kids will be grateful that I took the time to put these memories to print.  Just trying to leave a small piece of myself behind for my kids….and for those of us who grew up on Prytania.

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