A Death in the Family will Squash a Blog Posting

I experienced a death in the family over the past week, my youngest Wyatt brother passed on so there will be no posting this week.  If you’re curious, he’s the blonde boy over on the right side of my site background photo.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the couple hundred of you who tune in from time to time to read my life story documentation and I hope that it entertains you occasionally.  I did not think that after a year of doing this I would have over 100 stories, but they’re still coming to me.  My brother’s death has filled me with quite a bit of sorrow.  I did have a note to myself to one day write Mike’s story so I will take this opportunity to do that.  Next week’s story should be one that is Easter-related since it is already written in draft form and then look for me to have finished Mike’s story.  What I can remember and relate is interesting and sad.

Thanks for understanding and again, thanks for tuning in.  I am enjoying writing these much more than I ever thought I would.


Steak Diane – One HOT Meal!

Um, yeah...my dish looked almost this bad

Um, yeah…my dish looked almost this bad

I promise, this is not another story about a childhood sweetheart named Diane (read me).  I am a retiree.  It seems surreal to even speak.  Being retired from anything just always seemed so far away when I was younger, as I’m sure it does for many of you reading this now.  I retired from P&G last July and wrote this story (read me) about my journey there.

I am retired but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  I am staying very active by trading stocks part time, becoming Mr. Fixit, Mr. Project and Mr. Cook.  The trading is keeping my brain stimulated as I’m doing a lot of reading and studying.  I believe in always being in a learning mode.  One of the things I am “re” learning is cooking.  My wife continues to work part time outside the house so it my responsibility to ensure we’re well fed.

My cooking days go way back to childhood.  At times when my mom worked at night, she’d often make something up and then give me instructions on what temperature in the oven to cook at and for how long.  Later on, when there were nine of us kids, if you didn’t know how to heat up some soup or whip together some concoction, you might be relegated to cereal.  Continue reading

Collecting Acorns – It’s Not Just for Squirrels

Are you jealous?

Are you jealous?

Long before man learned how to hunt and kill, our ancestors were all gatherers.  We gathered berries, fruits, anything we could in order to survive.  When we reached the ages of creating places to live for ourselves, we became collectors.

In (this story) I wrote about my being a coin collector.  Other than useless copies of my old income tax returns, coins are the only thing in my possession that would qualify as a ‘collection’.  I do still have the coins though my ‘collecting’ days are well behind me.  Of all the memories from childhood collecting days, there is one item that remained ever-elusive.  For a time we kids collected Batman trading cards.  The 1966, #6 card was the only one at the time I lacked in that collection.  Its title was “Chloroform Victim”.  My friend Timmy had one and guarded it with his life. Continue reading

I Hate Food Poisoning!

Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

As I sit here typing this story you are reading, I am weak, I am shaky, I am nauseous.  Surviving getting run over by a school bus, (read me), serious blood clotting (not yet written), a head-on auto accident with a drunk driver and quite a number of other possible fatalities could possibly make some feel that they are indestructible or that their time to go is preordained.  I’m old enough now to cherish my life and good health; I know I’m not indestructible and my time on this fragile planet will one day be at hand. (Oh and as an interesting side note, today March 8th, is the anniversary of my getting run over by that bus – 50 years ago today!) Continue reading

Everyone Remembers Their First Time

Sexy Love

Sexy Love

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (OK, so really it was me and it was a bedroom window)……

Well, I had done it.  At least that’s what I had told my girlfriend.  I had indeed found the mystical blue condom.  It was just a ploy, a game.  We both knew that.  Our hormones were running rampant, (mine were setting land speed records).  The question now was when and where.  Continue reading