Everyone Remembers Their First Time

Sexy Love

Sexy Love

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (OK, so really it was me and it was a bedroom window)……

Well, I had done it.  At least that’s what I had told my girlfriend.  I had indeed found the mystical blue condom.  It was just a ploy, a game.  We both knew that.  Our hormones were running rampant, (mine were setting land speed records).  The question now was when and where. 

It was late Spring of 1975, we were both juniors in high school, quickly approaching our summer break.  I swear on my childrens’ lives, the idea for a ‘sneakover’ was my girlfriend’s idea and not mine…..God love her.  I was the one pestering for the big evening, I freely admit that.  I was thinking more along the lines of sneaking up to Hueston Woods or some hidden parking spot.  My girlfriend though was the mastermind behind the plot.

“I’ve snuck out my window a couple of times.  Why don’t you come over and sneak into my bedroom?”  (Whoa, I love this girl!)

What?  Can I fit?  How far will your window open?

It’ll open far enough, trust me.

And so….we plotted.

We planned the big evening on a weekend day.  For the very first time, (of sneaking over), I spent the night at my friend Joe’s.  I mentioned Joe a few times, like in this story (read me).  Joe was my best friend.  He was a reliable confidant and it was easy to sneak out of his house.  Besides, he said he he would drive me over to her house.  And of course we talked about it, for guys it was a right of passage.  The plan was to drop me off on the other side of the footbridge and then I’d just jog back to his house and then sneak in through the coal chute.  I ran a lot in my high school years, so I wasn’t too worried about the three mile run.  (Much later I was to appreciate a bicycle and a vehicle – 2-3 miles after a night of no sleep takes its toll, even for a young guy).

Yup, looked just like this one

Yup, looked just like this one

And so, the big night had arrived.  Was I nervous?  Were Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbors nervous?  But yes, nervous and excited.  Keeping teenagers away from sex is about as difficult as keeping ice cream in my freezer, at least it was in our case.

Joe’s dad had a nice finished basement so he and I played cards and talked down in the basement where we were camping out.  As it turned out, we didn’t sneak out the coal chute but instead simply sneaked out the front door, (and you know – “snuck” should be a word).  The car, (his Chevy Nova), was parked out front.  Joe’s house was on a fairly steep hill so we hopped in and coasted down the hill a ways before Joe popped the clutch so that there was no noise made out in front of his house.

My girlfriend’s house used to be at the end of a dead end cul-de-sac before a small bridge was built over the adjoining creek just a few years ago.  So that night, Joe dropped me off on the other side of the creek where there was a footbridge I could walk across.  It was late, maybe two am.  My girlfriend’s mom liked to stay up late sometimes so we wanted to ensure everyone was in bed and sound asleep.

She had everything all figured out.  Her window was a little too high to get into unless I wanted to wake the neighborhood from the noise that would be made if I jumped and pulled myself up to the ledge.  My girlfriend, (let’s call her Sheila to keep her identity private), Sheila immediately answered my tiny tap on the window and opened it.  We had not discussed ‘how’ to get in, but she had it all figured.  She told me there was a small wooden stoop over in front of the outdoor shed.  I could use it to stand on.

One has to move very slowly if you don’t want to make any noise.  It took about three weeks to get in through that window.  Everyone was in bed and now Sheila and I were in bed.  She asked – Indy, did you bring the blue condom?  I lied of course.  If you read the last episode in this continuing saga, you know that it was green (here’s the link).  And the wise pharmacist was correct – the lights were out and she never knew the difference.

This is as titillating as this story's going to get (sorry)

This is as titillating as this story’s going to get (sorry)

This blog story doesn’t carry an X rating, so I apologize to those of you who might have expected titillating details.  Everything went off without a hitch.  The evening was memorable, I had lost my virginity and the chemistry between us grew to heights previously unimagined by this young seventeen year old.  After a couple of hours, and before the sun came up, I was back out the window, running back to Joe’s house where I would try to recuperate.  Teenagers have lots and lots of energy.

We were no different than thousands of teenage couples who came before us.  No different except perhaps we were willing to take many more risks than the average teen.  You will have an opportunity to decide for yourselves in future episodes as there is plenty more growing up on Prytania to experience.  Stay tuned.

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