I Flunked English (Obviously) – Me & Mrs Brown



Let me begin this week’s story by sharing with you that I flunked the 4th quarter of high school 10th grade English.  At that time, I detested English.  I hated writing and if someone had told me that one day I would be using spare time to write stories, (even if they are true accounts), I would have laughed right in their face and asked them to share with me whatever the heck it was they were smoking because it must be great stuff!
Despite my terrible attitude and habits that year after getting dumped by my girlfriend, (that’s this story if you’re interested), I honestly did not like English.  I was an honor’s student so all of my college preparatory classes were the “H” category, for those who were not supposed to score D’s and F’s.  The H classes were designed to be more difficult than other similar classes.  I hated English for the same reason I hated Art classes – I felt I didn’t have a creative bone in my body.  Oddly enough, I received an A in my Grammar class.  I’m sure it’s not showing up here in my writing, but because of that class, I can explain the difference between affect and effect.  I also know what a gerund phrase is and that’s just sad.

Laughter, Medicine for Life – Gags at P&G

The Dolly Parton Bldgs (aka P&G HQ)

The Dolly Parton Bldgs (aka P&G HQ)

Life is short.  We all need to laugh.

Written about in several stories, (like one of my favorites here), I like making people laugh and I’m not above pulling a few pranks on people I like to get those laughs.  I would never prank someone that I do not like, that’s just mean and I’m not really into taking advantage of others.

A good laugh at the workplace brings people together.  I’ve always felt that and have experienced it many times over the years.  The Sanka gag (link) from my foundry days is one of my favorites.  Joe didn’t care for it at first, but later admitted that the joke was funny and in the aftermath, he, Rob and myself had an even better relationship.  In my experience, when people like, (or at least don’t hate), their workplace and the people there, they are more free to be themselves and therefore they are more productive.

So far I’ve shared stories about pranks at home, at Taco Bell (the famous burn ’em sauce) but none yet from my P&G days.  As I am now celebrating my first full year of being unemployed by good old Mother Procter, I’m thinking that today is the day for writing about some of those good times. Continue reading

Shag My Balls, Yeah Baby

Yeahhh Baby....

Yeahhh Baby….

This week you get to read about golf because as I’m beginning this story, I’m sitting in our Phoenix house, waiting for another couple to get off the highways and join us for a golfing weekend in the heat.

I kinda’ grew up in a golf household.  It’s the only sport my dad played, and boy was he good.  He carried a zero handicap for quite a number of years.  Don’t know what that is?  It means that on average, he would shoot ‘par’ each time he golfed.  That put him in the upper 1% of all golfers.  Hey, I guess that means I grew up in a one percenter household!  (So why did I have to buy my own underwear then?) (link) Continue reading