Near Death Camping Experience for a Close Friend

Nice and Dry

Nice and Dry

One of the activities my wife and I used to do with our kids was camping.  Kim’s family was a weekend camping family, she grew up with frequent trips to Hueston Woods as a kid.  I didn’t, I had my first exposure to the trailer camping experience with Kim when we were dating.  I liked it.  I liked all of it, the getting away from the regular routine, the no phone calls, (there were no cell phones yet), the grilling out, the hiking and creeking and the nighttime s’more making.  I would do it again, (not sure about my wife).

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Some Lessons May Never Be Learned – me and cat food cans

Don't we all love chemistry?

Don’t we all love chemistry?

I am currently wearing a bandage and tape on my left thumb.  Apparently, I am incapable of understanding that metal with sharp edges is very capable of clicking right through human skin.  Continue reading

No Speeding Ticket in Louisiana – It Pays to Know People in High Places

Excuse me, do you work for the county?

Excuse me, do you work for the county?

During our two year transition time between retirement and moving down to Phoenix, one of us has been making a point of getting to the Phoenix house every six weeks or so.  When it’s my turn, I tend to get more quiet time to write.  The time to move is getting close at hand and as such, I am facing the fact that I will soon be selling the best vehicle we ever owned; my 2001 Ford Escape.  One of my sons has expressed an interest, so maybe I’ll get to keep it in the family. Continue reading