If You Have to Spew, Spew into This

Shameless cute kitty pic (our new family member)

Shameless cute kitty pic (our new family member)

Usually with each new story I write, my memory is spurred by some other current event. Such is this story. At the time of beginning this story, I just got off the phone with the breeder of the new family edition scheduled to join us next week. Her name is Minka, (the kitten, not the breeder), and is a blue mink ragdoll kitten. Several weeks ago I wrote a pet owner’s love story when we lost Sasha (link). As with our irreplaceable children, no kitten will ever replace Sasha but we really are looking forward to our new baby. And this is what reminded me of something that happened with our first ‘human’ baby. 

It was New Years Day, 1981 and Kim was pregnant with our first child, due to be born in June. We were married in late 1978 and we were still living in our first apartment behind the, (most awesome), Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant. The location made it very easy for me to act out my solidarity to Kim’s getting thicker through my midnight hot fudge cake runs. On this day though, there would be no hot fudge cakes. We were headed over to her parents’ house for a traditional Midwestern New Years dinner.

Kim was still getting occasional morning sickness but everything had gone well so far this day. It was a Thursday, (yes I cheated and looked this up), and I was scheduled off Friday from Deuscher Foundry. We arrived early at Kim’s and spent most of the day hanging out there with her family and Traci & Rick, (mentioned in this story).

Nothing extraordinary occurred that day. It was typical for us to sit around and talk, maybe take a short walk, play some cards perhaps. I remember it being a little cold this day with a light covering of snow (I think). We drove over that day in the blue Chevy van I had bought from my dad. I remember it took a little while for the compartment to heat up so I would sometimes go out and start it up so that the windows were defrosted before driving.





Anyway, Gerri, (Kim’s mom), had cooked up a big batch of roasted pork and sauerkraut that day. I can’t be sure it wasn’t cabbage, but I think it was sauerkraut. What I do remember however was that the pork came out a little on the greasy side that night. Pork, sauerkraut , black-eye peas, maybe some green beans, rolls and other vegetables were served up that night – a feast fit for a New Years King.

Everyone got through dinner and we had a fine rest of evening visiting but soon it was time for us to head back home. Kim was just beginning to feel a little woozy and wanted to go home to rest. Our apartment was maybe only 5 minutes away, even in the snow. We hadn’t gotten only a few blocks from Kim’s parents’ house when Kim announced, ‘I think I might get sick’. (This is pre Wayne’s World lingo for I think I’m gonna spew).



Since we were only a couple of blocks from the house, I asked (and this is all verbatim)

Me – ok, you want me to turn around? It’s no trouble.

Kim – no, it’s ok, I can make it home.

Me – are you sure? We’ve only gone three blocks. I can turn around right now if you think you’re going to get sick (aka hurl).

Kim – no, just keep driving. I just want to get home.

Me – ok, but don’t throw up in the van. (We had just gotten that van and I really did not want it smelling like pregnancy spew).

Kim – I’ll be ok, let’s get home.

Me – ok, but if you’re going to throw up, just let me know and I will pull over right away.

Kim – ok

She was wrong. No sooner did she make that last statement when “blech”!

Yup, she had barfed out almost her entire greasy pork dinner! Luckily, the van had a nice, deep stepping area next to each seat, separating the door and the passenger. So nothing made it to the nice carpeting inside the van – only the steel of the step.

Well, the spewing had occurred at the corner of Brookwood and Main where I was to turn right. Instead though, I went straight ahead where I knew there was the local west side public car wash. The car wash, (I knew), was closed for the winter but they kept a stream of water flowing through the jet sprayers so they didn’t freeze. It would have to be enough. I pulled into the lot and got out to quickly check the sprayers to see which of them had the strongest stream.

I pulled into one of the spaces and asked Kim to sit over in the driver’s seat while I proceeded to stand out in the freezing cold, using a slow stream to spray out the steel step area. Once done, we headed home. I remember as soon as I started the car back up again, Kim said she was beginning to feel better .

That’s nice honey.

She’s currently in Phoenix, soon to pick up our new baby. For the sake of the other passengers, I’m hoping her flight back from Phoenix is not filled with the same kind of adventure that we had that night with our first baby. Should I call her and remind her to stay away from greasy foods? Nah…..let her live dangerously

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