California’s Gold – Huell Howser Wasn’t Kidding




Tis the Season to Give…….Blood

The Coolest Vampire - I Need your Blood Now

The Coolest Vampire – I Need your Blood Now

As I’m sitting down to begin writing this week’s story, Christmas has just ended for 2016.  This time of the year is associated with a spirit of giving.  I’ve always believed that we each receive so much more when we give.  As a matter of fact, I received the most memorable switching as a result of giving away a can of my dad’s soup without asking first, (a not so fun memory related to giving – link).  But this week’s story about ‘giving’ is a funny memory for me.

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Bucky the Wascully Wabbit – Blackey Needs a New Home

You want me to go where?

            You want me to go where?

The night I began writing this true tale is in the middle of December, just a couple of days before the coming of the shortest day of the year. We are so busy this month as we prepare for a final relocation to Phoenix. There is so much to do when moving and especially when downsizing. The biggest job of course is the rummaging through 2-3 decades of ‘stuff’ – do we keep the three bins of the kids’ kindergarten artwork? What gets sold on EBay? What gets donated to Goodwill? Should I send my name and address to this guy in Jackson, Florida so he can send me a check for my wife’s curio, the one he just loves from my Craigslist ad? And what about Blackey, the outdoor cat who adopted us 12 years ago?

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