Page 2 (Just in case you can’t get enough About Me)

The 3’s of Me

Three names I go by:

1. Rob

2. Robbie

3. Dad

Three jobs I have had in my life

1. Operations Mgr

2. Cost Analyst/Finance Mgr

3. Taco Stuffer

Three places I have been

1. Saint Barthelemy (Leeward Islands)

2. Vancouver Island, BC

3. Costa Rica

People who text me regularly

1. My son Mitch

2. My son Tim

3. My son Corey (not really, just wishing)

Three of my favorite foods

1. Anything with Italian marinara

2. German Chocolate Cake

3. Chicken livers, mashed potatoes & gravy

Three people who will respond:

1. Rick

2. Carol

3. Jeff

Three Things I am looking forward to

1. 3pm, every workday

2. Not feeling like I need to earn another degree or certification

3. The next vacation

Three places you have lived

1. Hamilton, OH

2. Alexandria, LA

3. Fair Oaks, CA

Three favorite drinks

1. Coffee

2. Tea

3. Miller High Life (sorry you beer lovers)

Three TV shows that I watch

1. Breaking Bad (Any AMC drama (they kick ass)

2. Fringe, X-Files, Twilight Zone (any like this)

3. The Office (and SNL – ok, so I’m cheating)

Three actors

1. Elizabeth Taylor

2. Jack Nicholson

3. Gene Hackman (or Betty Davis – I can’t decide)

Three bands

1. Beatles

2. Garbage

3. Heart

Three good decisions

1. Chasing Kim like a fool in HS

2. Leaving the foundry for P&G

3. Talking my wife into a 3rd child

Three bad decisions

1. Not listening to Kim 7/11/97

2. Selling Apple after tripling my money

3. Not trying to stay close to childhood friends

Three live people I miss

1. Tim

2. Terry

3. Joe

Three dead people I miss

1. Joe

2. Grandma

3. Leonard

Three people I wonder ‘whatever happened to’

1. Sheila

2. Theresa

3. Pam – scratch Pam, now I know 🙂

Three fears

1. That I will not leave before my wife

2. That one of my children will leave before me

3. That I will wake up one night and in a fit of rage, walk down the steps, go to the knife drawer, find the cats, the lizard, the wife and kids and I will force them all into a game of mumbletypeg…..ok, so I just made that one up to test whether or not you really are reading this stuff.  🙂

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