Page 3 (What to Read Here)

If you have stumbled onto my story blog site by accident or this is just your first time, I got to thinking about what I would want you to read before you decided to leave and click on your Facebook account.  I guess “it depends” on what you’d be interested in or would find entertaining.  My site here is dedicated to my stories which are all memories I’m attempting to drag out of my tiny little brain.  Some stories are funny recollections, some are a litle dark and some hopefully provide you with a taste of nostalgia and fosters a memory recall for you.  You won’t find any blogging here about the crappy politics of the day – leave right now if that’s what you’re looking for.  Here is a short list though to give you a taste of what to expect:

Purse – this is my very first blog story.  It’s a short one and paints a good picture of what to expect when you read about my childhood neighborhood.

After Dinosaurs – I’m pretty fond of this memory.  It’s about a couple of funny practical jokes played by me on my youngest boy.

Willows do not Always Weep – if you’re after a little darkness, perhaps this will feed you as it’s one of my darkest memories.

Do you Remember your Very First Kiss – or perhaps you’d enjoy a Wonder Years type of story?  Then I’d recommend beginning here.  I strive for this flavor in all of my stories.

I’d love for you to be a “follower”, just not the creepy kind that sits outside my house.  I hope you enjoy.

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