Correspondence School – Worth the Effort

The poor innocents – my boys


I really appreciate the encouragement to continue writing these little excepts from my rusty old memory bank.  Honestly, I never…..NEVER expected to be sitting here after having written 200+ real life stories! When I was young, I was a true left-brainer, a real math geek.  I mean, seriously – I could prove out a Calculus theorem in nothing flat, but put me into a literature writing class and my palms would get sweaty, my nails chewed off and a few Excedrin downed.  So I continue to amaze myself when I get excited about the prospect of writing another new story. Continue reading

You’re Fired! – Part One

You’re Fired?

In kim saga grand finale (link), I completed the little mini documentary I had been writing about my early love life with my girlfriend, and wife to be.  An aspect of my life that I skipped over in those saga episodes was what I’d refer to as my ‘managerial experience’ with Taco Bell.  This is that story, Part One.

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A Hole-in-One (is better than two in the bush)

My Second Ace

My Second Ace

I thought maybe I’d shift gears and write a story about a more recent occurrence.  My wife and I are golfers, (which is to say she’s a golfer and I golf – there’s a difference).  As this story is being published, we are enjoying the Phoenix Open together, hoping to brush shoulders with Tiger Woods.  Since a young boy, I have believed it to be very important for couples to not only have shared goals, but also to have shared activities.  There are very few women who have better hand-eye coordination than my wife.  That is to say, I’m sure there are lots of them, but I personally have never known one single woman who can attempt a sport and master it so quickly.  Continue reading

The Pink Pearl – Time to Retire when the Rubber Meets the Paper

A Picture is worth 5,000 Words or Less

A Picture is worth 5,000 Words or Less

April 20, 1987 was a very big day for me as it was my first day of working for Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Several weeks earlier, I had interviewed on campus at the University of Cincinnati.  I was an Evening College student majoring in Accounting and set to graduate in June.  Eleven years earlier, I had enjoyed my first day at Miami University and almost got to dine with the President, (read me), where I had set out to earn a degree in Mathematics.  Once I switched over to Evening College, I knew that earning a Math degree was out of the question and so I chose Accounting – hey, it’s got numbers, right?  When I interviewed for P&G, they had their own standardized test for the applicants to take.  I recall it having a lot of algebra and a lot of questions you see on those online IQ tests.  It was one of those times when I left the test feeling like I hadn’t missed a single question – I knew I had aced that puppy! Continue reading

Beatles & Burgers & Redwoods

So much beauty on the West Coast to see

So much beauty on the West Coast to see

I have a vivid memory of being in fourth grade and telling myself that one day I wanted to see the redwoods and giant Sequoias of California.  I remembered learning that California had the tallest, the oldest and the trees with the most mass.  I had been born in California (read me) but moved out when I was only 3 years old so didn’t remember much about living there.  California seemed unobtainable to me, a far away place I really didn’t think I’d ever see.  It became very important to me to see those trees.  If I did nothing else of consequence, I wanted to see those trees – this was a life goal I made in the fourth grade. Continue reading

Being a Paperboy – Underwear, Life Cereal & Vampire Dogs

Life - Now it's a Bargain!

Life – Now it’s a Bargain!

We ate cereal for breakfast for as long as I was a kid; cereal, Cream of Wheat, oatmeal maybe from time to time, but I remember packaged cereal the most.  Life cereal was my favorite of all time.  On a few occasions, my dad might bring home some Rice Chex from where he worked but nothing stood up to the taste of Life for me.  My mom would never buy Life.  Apparently back in the day Life was a premium brand so we had to eat Cheerios – there’s nothing cheery about eating Cheerios when you want Life.  So one week I bought my own box of Life cereal with newspaper money and hid it in my bedroom from everyone else so that only I would be able to enjoy my hard-earned fruits of labor.  Another item I remember buying was a giant 10 pack of my own tighty whitey underwear.  Money was tight in our house (read me) and it felt good to not have to wash underwear every few days.  So I bought my own and then sewed in a little blue thread so as to not get confused with my brothers’ underwear.  Continue reading