You’re Fired! – Part Two

              I really do need to fire you

In my last story, (link), I had gotten a promotion to Store Manager at the Hamilton Taco Bell and was told that I was the second youngest store manager in the Taco Bell network at the time.  My Supervisor, (Larry), had very quickly given me lots of autonomy and lots of authority.

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Regret is a Four Letter Word – Interview with Grandma & Granddad



When I was a little kid, we went only to one place for my parents’ vacations – Vincennes, Indiana.  The negative aspect of this fact is that we never went anywhere special for vacation.  I guess that’s why I think it’s so important to give my kids great vacations.  As a kid myself, I can recall only once, when we went to Mammoth Caves.  The pro though of going only to Vincennes is that because we usually stayed at my dad’s parents place, I got to spend a lot of time with Grandma and Granddad.  If given the opportunity, I’d love to interview them both today, to learn and write their story… many questions I’d love to ask.

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Yet Another Shocking Experience

You're Welcome...

You’re Welcome…

I thought I’d write another more recent story about growing up, learning lessons.

As a very young child, I have a very vague memory of one of our cats getting shocked somehow.  I think it was playing with a thin cord from a lamp or a vacuum cleaner, bit through it and zap!  The cat lived but was a little raggedy looking around the face for a couple of weeks as it had burnt whiskers.  It was lucky to be alive and apparently learned its lesson as it never again played with electrical cords.  If a monkey had been watching this occur, I have no doubt that it would have learned from the episode and stayed very clear of all lamp and appliance cords.  We humans are supposed to be intelligent, at least smarter than cats – perhaps not.   Continue reading

Someone Please Hit me with a Bus – Oh Wait, that Already Happened!



I should not be alive writing this.  Let me start right there.  How many people do you know who have survived getting hit by a 20,000 pound school bus, no less at the age of seven?  I not only survived, but I had no broken bones and no permanent physical damage, (though over the years my wife and I have had some serious debates over my mental stability).  This story could have perhaps been my very first blog story, but I’ve been putting it off.  I don’t know why, but I think I wanted to make sure I had a lot of fun stories written first.  I am continuing to be open and honest in my posts, but I hoped to make you laugh and to make you feel a bit nostalgic for your own past.  I didn’t think too many of my readers would associate with getting hit by a bus as a child, so I just did not want to begin there.  I have mentioned it however several times so now it’s time to share this memory which is one of my most pivotal events. Continue reading

Halloween – The Time I Scared the Crap out of My Kids

No, it's not a convict - that's me trying to be Beetlejuice!  It's Showtime!

No, it’s not a convict – that’s me trying to be Beetlejuice! It’s Showtime!

This week’s Remember the Time Blog Hop theme is of course about Halloween, anything Halloween-related.  If you have read any of my other stories then perhaps you have run across Playing Purse.  (read me)  No?  OK, then perhaps you’ve read What’s That Smell?  (read me)  Still no?  Well then certainly you’ve read one of these: Missing Tricycle Seats can cause Hernias, Right?, Burn ‘Em or Morning Breeze.  Alright, well if the answer is still no then read this one – AD – After Dinosaurs, there were Jackalopes & Christmas Surprise.  (read me)  Go ahead, I’ll wait. Continue reading

Breaking Rules – Gee Rob, You Speak Spanish, Right?

This week’s

topic is about a time when I broke a rule or law.  I don’t know if all boys are full of mischief, but I broke a lot of rules while growing up and so did most of the kids I hung out with.  So as not to embarrass or implicate anyone in this story, the names of the characters are going to be changed. Continue reading

Keep the Record Playing

Someone please stop the room from spinning!

Someone please stop the room from spinning!

This week’s is about fear or being afraid.

Really?  I want to write more fun stories about childhood or maybe rant about my crappy dad again.  What the heck am I going to write about related to being afraid, death?  Come on, I got hit by a school bus at the age of 7, hit head on by a drunk driver once, slid 300 yards on ice into traffic, have had terrible clotting in my left leg after surgery for breaking it backwards at the knee in a softball game and more.  Life is a gift at this point, why be afraid of dying? Continue reading