High School is Over…..So Are the Headaches

Yeah…I’m gonna’ need those TPS reports

That’s right, I said it.   At least for me, there was no stress like high school stress.  Does anyone really need to write a story to explain that?  Umm…not really….but I’m going to anyway.  After all, I just celebrated my 53rd ‘free year’ since surviving getting hit by a school bus, so why not.

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Teenager Church Days

‘Spent many a Sunday morning here trying to stay awake

A couple of weeks ago, as my wife was cruising Facebook, she asked if I knew a guy named Bobby B; he died.  Yes, I have a funny memory including Bobby.  Continue reading

Kim Learns to Change her own Oil – or How to Impress the Future In-Laws

She was a beauty


The year was 1976. Kim and I were both 18 and had not long ago, stood together atop the Eiffel Tower, (the fake one at King’s Island), looking outward, wondering what life held for us. My first car was an old ’67 Pontiac Bonneville that, (under the supervision of my stepfather), I installed my own timing chain.  The Bonneville was a heavy duty luxury tank discarded by the military for its low gas mileage. It weighed five million pounds and would go anywhere in the snow when even the snow-clearing vehicles were sidelined.  A gas guzzling tank however, that car helped me to learn a few of the basic maintenance tasks occasionally needed to keep them running. Continue reading

A Stroll Down Memory Lane in Hamilton, Ohio

Ah......Frisch's Big Boy

Ah……Frisch’s Big Boy

I’m 30,000 feet above the Earth as I’m beginning this week’s story, on my way home to Sacramento.  My visit was a quick-in, quick-out trip to help celebrate the 80th birthday for my wife’s mom.  Although it was a quick visit, it was a productive visit, a lot was accomplished.

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Midnight at the Oasis – More Nighttime Hi-Jinx on Prytania

My blog is my confessional

My blog is my confessional

We’ve all committed sins, done many things for which we are not proud, some for which we still feel guilt and others we do not.  We walk around with secrets that we try to bury within ourselves, act like they never really happened.  No one really suspects we’ve done these wrongs to ourselves and others, but we know, don’t we.

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Meet Me, the Inventor of the Flock of Seagulls Do

Uh-Oh, she forgot to use a washcloth first

Uh-Oh, she forgot to use a washcloth first

We have a serious water shortage in California due to a several year drought.  Every now and again though, I get a craving for a long, hot shower.  Our bathroom is the furthest point from our hot water heater so to help save water, we keep two five-gallon buckets in the shower.  They catch all the cold water before the shower gets hot and then we use that water to either water the outdoor plants or dump into the swimming pool.  To help even more, when the water turns hot, I like to dial the spray so that it’s more widespread, thin streamed.  This way if I want to take a long shower, I use much less water.

I assume many people grew up with hot showers and so they therefore take them for granted.  I was not one of these people so it’s hard for me not to consider myself very lucky when I step into that hot water stream.  If I turn around with my back to the water, I see to my right a small window that provides a nice view of the neighborhood below.  Directly ahead, I see my sink and usually my cat Bandit has her head bent down underneath the faucet, lapping up the slow stream of water that I provided for her. Continue reading

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed

Ain’t no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed

It’s time for another Kim Saga story, (or as she’s known here, her alias name Sheila).  When we left off in the last story, it was the Fall of 1975.  There was much more action in the summer, fall and winter of that year.  This chapter is mostly the Fall and Winter, late 75.  What is it about hormones that drives teenagers nuts, (or adults for that matter).  Oh, by the way, if Sheila’s mom has stumbled onto this story, leave.  Go watch a video on Facebook, one featuring cute kittens or something like that.  This story shouldn’t be read by parents.  Gone now?  Ok, where was I? Continue reading