Our Grand Canyon Vacation – Camper Trip of a Lifetime in Home Movies

            Off to Wally World!

The year was 1995, August.  Our new baby was now a little over a year old and was not ready for a National Lampoon, cross country Grand Canyon pop-up trailer trip – but Mom and Dad sure were!

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Funerals and Surgeries – Saying Goodbye to Grandpa Mel

            A Happy moment in California


What marks a life well lived? Is it measured in the number of years spent alive? Should we be measured by how much money we made or our professional accomplishments? Maybe our lives are measured by the terms of our religions? Did we attend church regularly and pray every night before we went to sleep? Maybe we measure our lives’ success through what our children do. And what if you don’t have any children then; did you live a life not worthwhile? Maybe our lives are measured in terms of the number of people we helped. Perhaps we simply count the number of people who come to say goodbye at our funerals – the more people, the better a person you were. Continue reading

Resisting the Body Snatchers – Or How to Keep Growing Up

Don’t Get Caught!


This month, I thought I’d write one about how to keep growing up.  On our free TV the other night, I caught the old movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” with Donald Sutherland. The novel originally came out in 1955 and there was a movie the following year.  That was before my time, but the remake with Donald Sutherland came out in 1978, the year of my marriage. Continue reading

You’re Fired! – Part Two

              I really do need to fire you

In my last story, (link), I had gotten a promotion to Store Manager at the Hamilton Taco Bell and was told that I was the second youngest store manager in the Taco Bell network at the time.  My Supervisor, (Larry), had very quickly given me lots of autonomy and lots of authority.

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You’re Fired! – Part One

You’re Fired?

In kim saga grand finale (link), I completed the little mini documentary I had been writing about my early love life with my girlfriend, and wife to be.  An aspect of my life that I skipped over in those saga episodes was what I’d refer to as my ‘managerial experience’ with Taco Bell.  This is that story, Part One.

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Surprise! You’re 50!

Rest in Peace, You're Officially Old

           Rest in Peace, You’re Officially Old

Just this past weekend, (as I am writing this story), I finished up driving our little red sports car from Sacramento to Phoenix.  The car is a 2000 Mazda Miata with still under 30,000 miles on it.  Believe it or not, it even still smells like a new car inside.  I had burned one of my favorite James Lee Burke audiobooks onto cd and this really helped to keep me alert during the 14 hour drive.  For extra company, I had purchased some D cell batteries for my Sirius Sportster ‘boombox’.  While I was down in Phoenix, I did get an opportunity to take in a round of golf.  I hooked up with a very nice Canadian couple for the round.  As I was trying to add to our conversation topics, I was reminded of one of only two of my visits to Canada.

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Get Out There and Break a Leg, Kid – Part 3 of 3

Your nurse is here for your treatment

Your nurse is here for your treatment

Part 3, the Finale:
At the time of my accident, I was working on an important project at P&G.  Being the single largest project ever and due to the type of work it was, we had a need to co-locate our couple hundred personnel.  We were renting an office building but it was built before all the handicap requirements were mandated.  Because I was using crutches, (and later, a cane for awhile), my office was relocated to the first floor.  Even getting into the first floor is a bit difficult when you’re on crutches and there are three concrete steps to navigate, but I managed.  I kept my office there for maybe nine months or more, until I got off of the cane.

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Growing up in my Fifties – Drink some Water You Idiot!



My story blog site is named Growing up on Prytania because most of my informative years were spent on Prytania Avenue in Hamilton, Ohio.  The act of ‘growing up’, (at least in my opinion), is all about learning about oneself; learning about your body as well as your inner spiritual self, how others perceive you and then using that knowledge to become a better person.  I am well into my 50’s now and last summer Mother Nature tried to teach me something about my 50’s body.  I didn’t learn the lesson very well so she gave me a strong slap on the wrist with her ruler the other night.  Ok, now she has my attention!  Continue reading

The Day the Earth a Stood Still (While Teaching Calculus)

Do Your Calculus or Be Destroyed!

Do Your Calculus or Be Destroyed!

All the while growing up as a young boy, I felt I was good at only one single, solitary thing; math and memorization associated with math.  My mom claims that as a two year old I could identify every card in a deck of playing cards.  I have no memory of this.

My earliest memory of thinking that I was better than most at math goes back to second grade where we played a game in class whereby the teacher would pit us up against each other in a flash card competition.  One person would move around class to each individual whereupon the teacher would show a flash card.  If the person moving around the class responded, the person would keep moving, onto the next victim.  If the person seated answered the math flash card problem first, then that person would get to rise up out of his or her chair to become the new floater.  When the floater got to me, I would always win to become the new floater.  I never lost and I recall after my moving all the way around the entire class, the teacher would make me sit down so that someone else could take a turn.

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Marriage is not for the Weak – Not Another Zombie Survival Kit

And you, do you promise to eat everyone?

And you, do you promise to eat everyone?

To quote “Sir”

“Marriage is no way of life for the weak, the selfish, or the insecure.”

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who loved each other very much. After several years of dating, they were married.  Over time, as will happen with married people, they grew much closer to one another.  Now, growing close is a good thing.  When done right it can even approach a feeling of sanctity; all is right with the world.  On the flip side, growing closer to one another exposes weak spots, the fontanelles of the heart.  Continue reading