Correspondence School – Worth the Effort

The poor innocents – my boys


I really appreciate the encouragement to continue writing these little excepts from my rusty old memory bank.  Honestly, I never…..NEVER expected to be sitting here after having written 200+ real life stories! When I was young, I was a true left-brainer, a real math geek.  I mean, seriously – I could prove out a Calculus theorem in nothing flat, but put me into a literature writing class and my palms would get sweaty, my nails chewed off and a few Excedrin downed.  So I continue to amaze myself when I get excited about the prospect of writing another new story. Continue reading


Empty Packages at Christmas…..or Were They?

What do I want for Christmas? How ’bout your hand out of my crotch?


Well, at the time of this writing, it is nearing the ultimate season of joy, that time of year of great giving.  No, I’m not speaking of tax season.  I’m of course talking about Christmas. Continue reading

Wipe that Smile Off Your Face, Marine!

Where are my Viceroys Private?


I was drafted into the Marines as a child.  In fact, me and my two brothers were all in the Marines at the same time; Dad’s Marine Corp!  We served at Camp Goodman from 1963 to 1968, at which time we were released to the Prytania Alley Kid’dom.   Continue reading

California’s Gold – Huell Howser Wasn’t Kidding



Cash Cab & King Tut – Making Memories with the Kids

People Stand in Line to See the Boy King

People Stand in Line to See the Boy King

Well I did it, I am no longer an Uber Virgin.  You heard me right, I just took my first Uber ride.  I flew down to Phoenix, mainly to attend a concert.  One of my oldest son’s favorite bands is Guns N Roses and so he invited me to attend with him.

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Music to Our Ears – Joe Could Sleep ANYWHERE!

Joe surrounded by his little girls

Joe surrounded by his little girls

My stepfather Joe could sleep anytime and anywhere.  I used to think that was a special skill.  Now that I’m older, I realize that it’s an acquired skill given to father’s as they are beaten down by years of sleepless nights and endless days.

Eaton’s Hamilton Inn – Friend to the Brady Bunch

Sardine Mobile

Sardine Mobile

John Eaton of Hamilton, Ohio and the Hamilton Inn.  I couldn’t find him in Wikipedia.  I also couldn’t find him or his inn in any of the Internet historical sites.  They might be there, but my exhaustive ten minute search turned up a big fat goose egg.  For several decades though, he was a successful businessman in Hamilton, Ohio and for many years a friend to my mom, and therefore friend to our Brady Bunch family.

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The Snoopy Fishing Pole Always Brings in the Big Catch

Ah...This is the Life!

Ah…This is the Life!

We have a new kitten.  Her name is Minka and she is a blue mink ragdoll.  So far, she seems like she’s going to have the perfect demeanor we adore in our cats.  When she plays, she is aware of her jaw and paw strength so when she touches human skin, she is careful not to apply so much pressure that she could puncture the skin.  If I’m wearing shorts and she wants picked up, she reaches her paws up onto my legs but keeps her little claws retracted.  That is difficult to teach but a great cat instinctually knows it.  She craves human affection and will sometimes cry if she thinks she’s alone.  So far, she’s sleeping with us every night.  The cutest thing of all though is how she loves to play with her little caterpillar at the end of her fishing pole.  Speaking of fishing poles….