Teenagers Can Eat!

Dig In!

Dig In!


In Everything Came in a Big Pot (link), I wrote about dinners at our crazy house while growing up on Prytania.  At one point, I think 7 of us were teenagers, and boy, can teenagers ever eat!

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Do Deer Bite? Only if you try to Take Away Their English Muffins

Pete's son Tony, Pete, Steve, Me, Mike

Pete’s son Tony, Pete, Steve, Me, Mike

Frugality is founded on all riches having limits – Burke

I’ve written a few times recently about my having to visit our house in Phoenix.  Soon it will become our home away from snow.  Until then, when it’s my turn to visit, I like to eat out of the freezer.  I absolutely cannot stand to throw away food so I take it upon myself to eat the frozen leftovers from previous visits.  I don’t think ‘normal people’, (people who aren’t the finance person in the household), appreciate what a burden it is to always be mentally calculating the future value of waste or unnecessary spending (transportation spending can be the worst).  I’d rather have money to do things, take nice vacations.

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Skating the Circles of Life

Ah, the familiar skating sign in Hamilton

Ah, the familiar skating sign in Hamilton

I’ve written a few stories that mentioned our local west side Hamiltucky skating rink.  The stories mentioning early interactions with my wife and with my then best friend Terry represent important memories for me.  If I’m comparing to today’s teens, for a lot of us high schoolers, the skating rink was our ‘mall’.  It was THE place for social interaction, whether it be friendship, love or a number of any other dramas.  Friday and Saturday nights had to be spent at the rink if you wanted to get away from the boring adults and wanted to be a part of that weekend’s kid drama.

My Wife, The Book, (Strike that), “The Rodent Thief”

I still want my hula hoop

I still want my hula hoop

Kleptomania, I think it’s genetic.  Let me explain.

I got to meet my wife’s grandma for the first time I think when I was 18.  They called her Brown Mom because she was always tanned, (like my wife).   She lived in California and was relatively well to do.  Know how I know?  Because she used to give each of her grand-kids a hundred dollar bill for Christmas.  That’s like $400 today!  My first exposure to the Christmas gift was without grandma.  We were dating and I happened to be over at Kim’s house a day or two before Christmas when the kids were all opening up the gift envelopes.  Uh-oh, “only” $50 this year!  You would have thought someone had died.  All the kids were whining and looking for explanation, everyone but my girlfriend.  Continue reading

In Hamiltucky, We Played Pitch – Memories of Playing Cards

I'll Bid Two!

I’ll Bid Two!

There’s a card game we play in good ‘ol Hamiltucky called Pitch.  If you know the game of Euchre, it’s very similar.  An easy game to learn, and one played with a partner or without, it’s a game of bidding on how many points can be captured in the hand and the establishment of which suit will be the trump suit that hand.  As I’m writing the opening to this story, I’m on a week’s golfing vacation in Phoenix at our vacation home, (someday to be the retirement home).  The vacation is being spent with my sister-in-law Traci and her husband Rick.  Like my wife and I, they married very early and have survived together for these past 35+ years.  Up until 1989 when we transferred to Louisiana, we four used to play Pitch on quite a lot of our weekends together in good old Hamilton, Ohio.
So many fond memories of playing Pitch.  Where do I begin?

Prophylactics, You mean rubbers? – Bring the Right Tools for the Job

The Quest - Capture the Blue Condom

The Quest – Capture the Blue Condom

In the last episode of the continuing Kim Saga sub-story, we learned that teenagers can be sneaky (read me).  (We didn’t know that before, did we.)  In that story, Kim sent me on an expedition, an exploration, a clandestine Indiana Jones quest.  The goal?  To find the secret location for the blue prophylactic condom. Continue reading

Marijuana and 69 – Make for a Mighty Fine Time

I'm shocked!

What is that?

The nicest thing about turning 50 has been what feels like either enlightenment or perhaps self-realization.  I have achieved the most important life goals I set out for myself as a young adult, so now I am at the beginning of a personal transitional period.  I have been writing these growing up episodes from my life experiences for over a year now.  It has been fun.  It has also been a bit illuminating.  I am sometimes shocked as to the level of detail I have been able to drag out of my memories.  Another way it has been illuminating is that through my writing, I have been able to ‘recreate’ for myself some of the feelings I must have experienced from the time periods I write about.

With that said, I will start by telling you this next story is from a time of very early teens or pubescence.  I am guessing I was 13 based on what I have been able to decipher from other stories.  I remember feeling ‘cool’ as I was providing my explanation to my mother about what you’re getting ready to read.  Hindsight tells me I was ignorant, brash, an idiot.  Those are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind.  The truth is just that I was young.  I thought I was cool, or I wanted to be.  Continue reading

The Fear of Rejection – The First Time I Said I Love You to Kim

Love Means....wait, what does love mean again?

Love Means….wait, what does love mean again?

Scattered within all of these little stories I’m sharing with you, there is a ‘sub story’ about the progression and development of my love affair with my wife.  The stories are in chronological order, intermittently published.  I’ll begin this one here by telling you that this is the story about telling my girlfriend Kim, (now my wife), for the very first time that I loved her.  I don’t know where the story will go.  Even though this occurred almost 40 years ago, the memory is easy enough to share.  It’s the background, the ‘noise’ if you will, that I think will take the longest for me to think through and document.  Was I scared to say I love you?  If so, why?  How far back does it go?  Am I needy, why did I always have a girlfriend, what was the reason?  Why did I feel so certain that Kim was the one?

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Asking Kim to Go Steady

It ID'd you as belonging to someone

It ID’d you as belonging to someone

The last story in the ‘Chasing Kim’ saga dealt with the first night I shared meeting the parents, watching home movies and necking in the basement.  It was a thrilling two parter so if you need to revisit them before you begin this exciting chapter, then please do.  Here are the links (Part 1)  (Part 2).  (Read me)

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