My Wife Gets a Hole-in-One – Beginner’s Luck?

8/14/98 - the fateful day my wife's head no longer fit through the doorway

8/14/98 – the fateful day my wife’s head no longer fit through the doorway

After breaking my leg, I was told “no more running sports, Rob”.  If you’ve been a long time reader, then you’ve probably picked up on my thoughts regarding the importance of common activities and sports, especially in a relationship.  (If not, here’s a sample story – link).

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A Hole-in-One (is better than two in the bush)

My Second Ace

My Second Ace

I thought maybe I’d shift gears and write a story about a more recent occurrence.  My wife and I are golfers, (which is to say she’s a golfer and I golf – there’s a difference).  As this story is being published, we are enjoying the Phoenix Open together, hoping to brush shoulders with Tiger Woods.  Since a young boy, I have believed it to be very important for couples to not only have shared goals, but also to have shared activities.  There are very few women who have better hand-eye coordination than my wife.  That is to say, I’m sure there are lots of them, but I personally have never known one single woman who can attempt a sport and master it so quickly.  Continue reading

MI1, The Big Sleepover

To us, this is what it felt like

To us, this is what it felt like

In the last ‘Kim story’, I finally worked up the courage to tell Kim that I loved her.  If you are new and would like to get up to speed, there is a Category named “Kim Saga”.  Merely find the “Categories” somewhere on this page your are reading and then select this category.   One of the things I immediately loved and was attracted to in Kim was her sense of adventure, her lust for life.  You know the old adage about walking a mile in another person’s shoes?  Well, at pretty much the same age, both of us had experienced life threatening events.  I was hit by a school bus (read me) and she had open heart surgery.  Yes, open heart surgery; way back in the early 60’s as a little girl, with a pioneer surgeon, it was a complete success.  No doubt our own personal experiences played a major role in shaping our psyche and influencing our behaviors.  Both of us are what I would describe as very determined and long term goal oriented.  We are grateful for what we have and we recognize the beauty of life itself.  We have a few sharp differences, but what we have in common is much stronger than our differences. Continue reading