It Never Stops – My Odds of Dying in Car Crash

Oops, where's my bumper?

Oops, where’s my bumper?

It seems that it never ends, threats of life ending that is.  Very early in this story telling escapade, I shared how I somehow escaped death as a 7 year old when I was struck by a school bus (link).  I have a few of these stories to share and I was hoping that there would not be any new ones, but here I am, getting ready to share one that happened just the other night.
According to the NSC, the odds of any of us dying with the cause of death being a car crash, is 1 in 112.  Apparently that statistic does not include me because I’ve had a couple of accidents that could have ended this way.  I guess I’m destined to be one of the 1 in 7 who will die of heart disease or cancer; oh joy.

Someone Please Hit me with a Bus – Oh Wait, that Already Happened!



I should not be alive writing this.  Let me start right there.  How many people do you know who have survived getting hit by a 20,000 pound school bus, no less at the age of seven?  I not only survived, but I had no broken bones and no permanent physical damage, (though over the years my wife and I have had some serious debates over my mental stability).  This story could have perhaps been my very first blog story, but I’ve been putting it off.  I don’t know why, but I think I wanted to make sure I had a lot of fun stories written first.  I am continuing to be open and honest in my posts, but I hoped to make you laugh and to make you feel a bit nostalgic for your own past.  I didn’t think too many of my readers would associate with getting hit by a bus as a child, so I just did not want to begin there.  I have mentioned it however several times so now it’s time to share this memory which is one of my most pivotal events. Continue reading