June 5th, 1968

Lots of enemies paired off in 1968

Lots of enemies paired off in 1968

This week’s ‘Remember the Time’ weekly blog hop writing exercise theme is about anything that tells about a time in your own personal history where you vividly remember where you were when something else happened. I have lots and lots of those and in fact, my entire blog story site could be argued that this is the only thing I write about. 🙂 The following story is one for me that still makes my heart ache. Losing good people to war and violence always makes me feel helpless. If they are well known, it hurts even more. John Lennon is a good example. The one that hurts the most for me, well that is Robert F. Kennedy. I hope you enjoy my sharing of my memory here.

We were on a summer vacation in Vincennes, Indiana and were staying at my Grandma Wyatt’s house in June of 1968. I was only 10 years old and school had ended a week earlier. We traveled to Indiana almost every summer for a vacation after school let out (read me). I loved going to Indiana to see all my relatives there. My Grandma had a great sense of humor (read me) and of course she would have a wonderful German sweet chocolate cake waiting for me (read me).

On June the 5th however, we had a sad, quiet day in front of a black and white television set. Bobby Kennedy had been shot earlier that day, shortly after midnight California time. He was in critical condition and in surgery and all day we watched and listened to the reports, watched him get shot multiple times and we waited for some good news, that he would survive.

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