Halloween – The Time I Scared the Crap out of My Kids

No, it's not a convict - that's me trying to be Beetlejuice!  It's Showtime!

No, it’s not a convict – that’s me trying to be Beetlejuice! It’s Showtime!

This week’s Remember the Time Blog Hop theme is of course about Halloween, anything Halloween-related.  If you have read any of my other stories then perhaps you have run across Playing Purse.  (read me)  No?  OK, then perhaps you’ve read What’s That Smell?  (read me)  Still no?  Well then certainly you’ve read one of these: Missing Tricycle Seats can cause Hernias, Right?, Burn ‘Em or Morning Breeze.  Alright, well if the answer is still no then read this one – AD – After Dinosaurs, there were Jackalopes & Christmas Surprise.  (read me)  Go ahead, I’ll wait. Continue reading