Eating Cigarettes – Child Abuse or a Gift of Life?

Yes People, the 60's were really like this

Yes People, the 60’s were really like this

In a number of previous stories like Willows do not Always Weep (link) and The Cats (link), I did a little dad-bashing.  My dad does deserve some credit, however.  I am not a cigarette smoker and I owe it all to dear old dad.  True, I did imbibe a  bit on that feistier leaf for a spell (link) but I never acquired a taste for, nor have a desire to try tobacco.

I am (too) quickly approaching the 60th year of life on this fragile planet.  Like you I suspect, I have seen in my time a number of relatives suffer from and/or die from cancer.  All of them were smokers.  Both my dad and my step father were smokers for multiple decades and both of them died of cancer in their late fifties to early sixties.  My Aunt, Dad’s sister, same thing; she was a three packer.  Continue reading

Collecting Acorns – It’s Not Just for Squirrels

Are you jealous?

Are you jealous?

Long before man learned how to hunt and kill, our ancestors were all gatherers.  We gathered berries, fruits, anything we could in order to survive.  When we reached the ages of creating places to live for ourselves, we became collectors.

In (this story) I wrote about my being a coin collector.  Other than useless copies of my old income tax returns, coins are the only thing in my possession that would qualify as a ‘collection’.  I do still have the coins though my ‘collecting’ days are well behind me.  Of all the memories from childhood collecting days, there is one item that remained ever-elusive.  For a time we kids collected Batman trading cards.  The 1966, #6 card was the only one at the time I lacked in that collection.  Its title was “Chloroform Victim”.  My friend Timmy had one and guarded it with his life. Continue reading