Tis the Season to Give…….Blood

The Coolest Vampire - I Need your Blood Now

The Coolest Vampire – I Need your Blood Now

As I’m sitting down to begin writing this week’s story, Christmas has just ended for 2016.  This time of the year is associated with a spirit of giving.  I’ve always believed that we each receive so much more when we give.  As a matter of fact, I received the most memorable switching as a result of giving away a can of my dad’s soup without asking first, (a not so fun memory related to giving – link).  But this week’s story about ‘giving’ is a funny memory for me.

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Season of Youth – the Magic of the Baseball

Charlie Hustle

Charlie Hustle

In Getting the Boys Snipped, I wrote a brief introduction to some of the more famous baseball characters in the Prytania neighborhood.  Today I thought I might try to condense 3-4 years of neighborhood baseball games into one short story.  As I just wrote that last sentence, I had to stop to feel the impact from this statement.  It really was only just a few years of park baseball because we moved into the neighborhood when I was in 5th grade.  My baseball playing group would have become too big for the park when I hit 8th or 9th grade as it was a small park.  It feels like it was so much longer than just a few short years; everything is larger when you’re young, even time itself. Continue reading