Foreigner 1977 – Worst Concert Ever

Their first album - sure wish I had gotten to see them Live

Their first album – sure wish I had gotten to see them Live

All of my concert attendances have been fun and memorable events except for one – Foreigner 1977, Miami University of Ohio. I will be a bit embarrassed to share this story but I vowed to myself to keep my stories honest and factual and to bare as much as possible without hurting anyone and without implicating myself for the relevant authorities who might desire to get back at me for beating my first speeding ticket (read me).  Also, I love my wife so I need to be extremely careful not to implicate her in anything damaging…..I cannot afford a divorce lawyer.

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Remember the Time We Attended Our First Concert – How Can you Forget Alice?

This blog story is my very first entry for the Remember the Time Blog Hop.


The very first concert I ever attended was none other than the infamous 65 year old, still rockin’ today, (and known to his parents as Vince), Alice Cooper.  Not only was it Alice Cooper, but it was the Welcome to my Nightmare Tour.  The year was 1975 and the day was April 6, two days after my 17th birthday.  The concert tickets, (and the parental escort), were birthday presents and it was for me the very first time I thought my parents could actually do something ‘cool’.  I didn’t have any money and I didn’t yet have a real job so I was totally uneducated about concert events; where they occurred, how much they cost and what went on inside the venues. Continue reading