Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold – old Klingon proverb

Surely, I have made my meaning plain. I mean to avenge myself upon you, Admiral.

Surely, I have made my meaning plain. I mean to avenge myself upon you, Admiral.

If you are a regular story reader here, you know that posted within my stories, my true accounts, is a longer story line about my girl friend, (now my wife), and me – our early years together from the time I first laid eyes on Sheila, up until our marriage.  You can find all of these stories by doing a search on the category Kim Saga within my story blog site.  In the last story, Summer of Discontent, (link), I had written about the summer immediately after we were told that we were not allowed to see each other and I ended that story with high school about to begin in 1975.

It was Fall, 1975 and school had begun.  We both looked forward to school that year because it meant that we were once again a couple.  We saw each other everyday.  We coordinated our schedules, even attending a couple of classes together just so we could maximize our time together.  As steadies, we had exchanged class rings but Sheila would remove hers before going home at night since technically she was banned by her parents from seeing me.  Banning us from seeing each other only strengthened our resolve, making us more determined.  We were seniors now and soon we would turn 18 next year. Continue reading

Meet the Parents – Part 2 of 2

This is the exciting conclusion to last week’s introductory story. (read me)

(Everyone sing with me) Let's all go to the movies

(Everyone sing with me) Let’s all go to the movies

Dinner; all the family was there; Mom (Gerri), Dad (Mel), brothers Scott and Kevin and sister Traci.  I’m not quite sure how Kim prepped her siblings, but they were all kinda’ treating me sort of like Bright Eyes from the Planet of the Apes.  I felt a bit like I was in a cage and was supposed to do something, perhaps entertain.  It was fun being the center of attention, I guess.  Continue reading

Meet the Parents – Part 1 of 2


You Share Everything when You're a Steady

You Share Everything when You’re a Steady

Are you married?  Maybe you’re currently dating.  Do they still call it dating?  Back when I was a kid, we called it “liking” someone.  If you liked someone well enough, you asked them to “go steady”.  If you went steady, you each traded something important and gave it to the other person to wear and to publicize that you each were spoken for.  In the 50’s it was a school jacket or a pin.  In my day, it was an ID bracelet in Jr High, (read me), then class rings in high school.  In fact, going steady was often the whole reason for getting a class ring for a lot of us.  Today, the kids pronounce they are “married” as a Facebook status.

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The First Date – Plan Laid for the First Kiss

Shy in the beginning, she's a camera hog today

Shy in the beginning, she’s a camera hog today

In The Foxhunt (read me) I wrote about my first interaction with Kim Pike, now my wife.  I had chased her everyday after Mythology class until she finally began waiting  for me after class.  After several weeks I finally built up the nerve to ask Kim out for a first date.  Continue reading