Marriage is not for the Weak – Not Another Zombie Survival Kit

And you, do you promise to eat everyone?

And you, do you promise to eat everyone?

To quote “Sir”

“Marriage is no way of life for the weak, the selfish, or the insecure.”

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who loved each other very much. After several years of dating, they were married.  Over time, as will happen with married people, they grew much closer to one another.  Now, growing close is a good thing.  When done right it can even approach a feeling of sanctity; all is right with the world.  On the flip side, growing closer to one another exposes weak spots, the fontanelles of the heart.  Continue reading

Everybody Loves Tim – Part One

Everybody Loves Timmy

Everybody Loves Timmy

No one knows your weaknesses, your strengths, your vulnerabilities like your spouse does.  With that said, anyone who’s been married for a number of years knows then what a fair fight and an unfair fight is.  An unfair fight is one of harsh words, words that cut beneath the skin.  Words are more harmful than a smack in the face.  A smack leaves a mark but it always goes away within a few days.  Harmful words pierce the heart – they can take years to heal, if ever.  Continue reading

Divorce Part 2


Dad & Mary - I think they were happy once?

Dad & Mary – I think they were happy once?


It’s been the better part of a year since I wrote Divorce Part 1.  Feel free to read it now if you’re new to my stories or if you just want to get re-grounded for this next account.  In Part 1, I wrote about the big night, the night my dad left the house, the night he tried using me against my mom by trying to get me to leave the house with him.  Writing the story forced me to think through the details and now with my being much older and mature, I now see things for what they really were.  I’ve come to a few more conclusions, (or conjectures), about my dad and this time period.   Continue reading

Divorce Part 1 – The Night My Parents Split Up

Why do all Marines look like they're pissed all the time?

Why do all Marines look like they’re pissed all the time?

You, Reader – I’m speaking to you.  What words do you use to describe how you grew up, your childhood?  Do you use words like family, serenity, happiness….divorce?  According to statistics, one half of American marriages end in divorce so I’m guessing that at least half of those have children when they get a divorce.  If I’m right, then perhaps at least 25% of you reading this come from divorced families.  How old were you when it happened?  Me, I was in 7th grade, pretty much the beginning of puberty and a whole bunch of impressionable years before I was to become an adult. Continue reading