Keep the Record Playing

Someone please stop the room from spinning!

Someone please stop the room from spinning!

This week’s is about fear or being afraid.

Really?  I want to write more fun stories about childhood or maybe rant about my crappy dad again.  What the heck am I going to write about related to being afraid, death?  Come on, I got hit by a school bus at the age of 7, hit head on by a drunk driver once, slid 300 yards on ice into traffic, have had terrible clotting in my left leg after surgery for breaking it backwards at the knee in a softball game and more.  Life is a gift at this point, why be afraid of dying? Continue reading

Bucking the Pecking Order


In all neighborhood kiddoms, there was a well established pecking order which was very simple to follow – grade level.  It had been established hundreds of years ago and it helped to maintain order in the alley.  Being the oldest didn’t necessarily mean you were the strongest in the alley, but we all respected the chain of command where it came to arguments or a minor shoving match.  Never, I repeat, never did I ever witness anyone breaking this rule in the Prytania alley.  The only exceptions were family fights.  Following this rule helped us make sense of the world (and prevented riots).  Continue reading