Yet Another Shocking Experience

You're Welcome...

You’re Welcome…

I thought I’d write another more recent story about growing up, learning lessons.

As a very young child, I have a very vague memory of one of our cats getting shocked somehow.  I think it was playing with a thin cord from a lamp or a vacuum cleaner, bit through it and zap!  The cat lived but was a little raggedy looking around the face for a couple of weeks as it had burnt whiskers.  It was lucky to be alive and apparently learned its lesson as it never again played with electrical cords.  If a monkey had been watching this occur, I have no doubt that it would have learned from the episode and stayed very clear of all lamp and appliance cords.  We humans are supposed to be intelligent, at least smarter than cats – perhaps not.   Continue reading

Sixth Grade – A Shocking Discovery


My favorite elementary teacher of all time was a man named Art Adams.  Only Amy Wright, my third grade teacher, came close to rivaling the level of care and instruction doled out by Mr. Adams.  This story I am about to share touches on the dark side of Art Adams, (if he ever really had a dark side). Continue reading