Important Life Lessons – The Paddle Breaks on Dale the Whale

Do the Truffle Shuffle

                    Do the Truffle Shuffle

When I began this little ‘project’, this life story, this telling of tales, I thought to myself – this cannot last long, how many stories could I possibly tell, 10, 25, 50?  And here I am now at story 199!  I’m finally beginning to get to a point to where I might be able to soon see the end of the tunnel.  When I run out of memories, I’ll stop.  For now though, there’s still more to share so stop your applause.  You’re being rude.

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Love Strikes in the Sixth Grade


I was sitting here tonight just chilling and writing down another cute childhood story when while I was writing I recalled a memory that I had totally forgotten about and not thought about since it occurred way back in sixth grade. I decided to bounce over here and write this one as it is cute.  It is a confession of a secret I have been harboring for about 43 years. Continue reading