Steak Diane – One HOT Meal!

Um, dish looked almost this bad

Um, yeah…my dish looked almost this bad

I promise, this is not another story about a childhood sweetheart named Diane (read me).  I am a retiree.  It seems surreal to even speak.  Being retired from anything just always seemed so far away when I was younger, as I’m sure it does for many of you reading this now.  I retired from P&G last July and wrote this story (read me) about my journey there.

I am retired but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  I am staying very active by trading stocks part time, becoming Mr. Fixit, Mr. Project and Mr. Cook.  The trading is keeping my brain stimulated as I’m doing a lot of reading and studying.  I believe in always being in a learning mode.  One of the things I am “re” learning is cooking.  My wife continues to work part time outside the house so it my responsibility to ensure we’re well fed.

My cooking days go way back to childhood.  At times when my mom worked at night, she’d often make something up and then give me instructions on what temperature in the oven to cook at and for how long.  Later on, when there were nine of us kids, if you didn’t know how to heat up some soup or whip together some concoction, you might be relegated to cereal.  Continue reading

The Time I Almost Burned Down my School

The Junior High that Almost Wasn't

The Junior High that Almost Wasn’t

When I was a kid in junior high school, it was easy to get hurt at school. In metal shop we had access to any number of machines that could cut and bend galvanized steel into all sizes and shapes of poorly designed ash trays and in the process maybe lose a hand. In wood shop there were numerous saws, awls and a multitude of pointed and serrated objects capable of severing fingers as easily as it is to clip a fingernail with a pair of nail clippers. In drafting class we were loaned pointy pencils and compasses capable of putting out an eye just as easily as a Red Rider BB Gun.

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