My Stepfather Joe


                     He usually was smiling

Joe was my stepfather, but he was so much more to me than just a substitute dad for when my biological dad wasn’t around.  How does one go about writing a tribute story about someone they loved?  I guess it’s by sharing my favorite memories of that person.  This one is about my stepfather – Joe. Continue reading

The Snoopy Fishing Pole Always Brings in the Big Catch

Ah...This is the Life!

Ah…This is the Life!

We have a new kitten.  Her name is Minka and she is a blue mink ragdoll.  So far, she seems like she’s going to have the perfect demeanor we adore in our cats.  When she plays, she is aware of her jaw and paw strength so when she touches human skin, she is careful not to apply so much pressure that she could puncture the skin.  If I’m wearing shorts and she wants picked up, she reaches her paws up onto my legs but keeps her little claws retracted.  That is difficult to teach but a great cat instinctually knows it.  She craves human affection and will sometimes cry if she thinks she’s alone.  So far, she’s sleeping with us every night.  The cutest thing of all though is how she loves to play with her little caterpillar at the end of her fishing pole.  Speaking of fishing poles….

Do Deer Bite? Only if you try to Take Away Their English Muffins

Pete's son Tony, Pete, Steve, Me, Mike

Pete’s son Tony, Pete, Steve, Me, Mike

Frugality is founded on all riches having limits – Burke

I’ve written a few times recently about my having to visit our house in Phoenix.  Soon it will become our home away from snow.  Until then, when it’s my turn to visit, I like to eat out of the freezer.  I absolutely cannot stand to throw away food so I take it upon myself to eat the frozen leftovers from previous visits.  I don’t think ‘normal people’, (people who aren’t the finance person in the household), appreciate what a burden it is to always be mentally calculating the future value of waste or unnecessary spending (transportation spending can be the worst).  I’d rather have money to do things, take nice vacations.

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Childhood Fishing Tales – Bob, I Caught a Bass!

Ah yes, Tanglewood Lake

Ah yes, Tanglewood Lake

In Things that should have killed us (read me), I wrote about how when we were teenagers, several of us would sometimes go off together for a nearby fishing adventure.  We had ‘our spot’ and normally each of us would drag back a couple of catfish.  We’d clean them up and then maybe my mom would fry them up for us, or one of the other moms (note – one of the other moms would fry the fish…my mom would not fry up one of the other moms).

My dad was a golfer.  He was one of those kids who hung around the golf course as a young guy, hoping to score a caddying position in attempts to earn a few extra bucks.  He also liked to fish.  I have a Canada fishing trip I think will one day make a story in of itself, but today’s story is about a fishing trip, ventured not so far away – a local adventure. Continue reading

Tom’s Cigar Store – First Dollar Store or Giant Man Cave?

Same sign 'forever'

Same sign ‘forever’

How does a person from Hamilton, Ohio describe to others what Tom’s Cigar Store is or what it represents to us ‘Hamiltuckians’?  This isn’t a research paper or an historical document being made suitable for the Smithsonian, (or even for Wikipedia), so I’m not going to spend any time doing any research.  I am merely going to write my own account of Tom’s based on my dozens of personal visits as a child.  Perhaps a few of you fellow Hamiltuckians have some unique and more interesting accounts of your own?  Feel free to enter them in the Comments section.  Continue reading