It Doesn’t Take Money to be Rich – A Little Mud Will do Just Fine

Springtime Fun

Springtime Fun

In Boys will be Boys, I wrote about an important life lesson for males – when, and when not to fight.  The big fight in the park did not have to end the way that it did.  The one antagonizing could have simply backed off a bit and everything would have gone just fine that day.  There wouldn’t have been blood or embarrassment for anyone and we would all have just enjoyed our football game. Continue reading

Prytania Boys will be Boys – Learning When and when NOT to Fight

I'm certain we were better looking than this motley crew

I’m certain we were better looking than this motley crew

This week’s “Remember the Time” writing theme is about rivalries – a time when I was involved in a sibling or some other type of rivalries.  So I got to thinking about this topic and decided that for the most part, girls have rivalries and boys take more assertive action.  We like order and we like knowing what our place is in the pecking order (read me).  Whether it be a display of superiority on the basketball court or football field or in war, we seem to have a natural tendency towards “settling the matter”.  I’m not saying it’s the best policy – in fact the world would be a much safer place if we all just learned to be a little more introspective like my buddy Emily  (read her) or more ‘live and let live’ like my buddy Kelly, (read her) but we boys are just wired differently than girls.  In the following story I attempt to share a slice of my own experiences with rivalries and fighting while growing up.  Continue reading