More Foundry Days – Practical Joking at the Foundry in Hamilton, Ohio

Watching it can be mesmerizing, touching deadly

Watching it can be mesmerizing, touching deadly

Mentioned in my first Foundry Days story (read me) as our sales were declining during the 80’s and we were finding ourselves with lots of free time, we all were finding ways to tease each other and entertain ourselves.  The manufacturing areas of the foundry were hot, dirty, dangerous and required very strong backs.  No practical jokes ever got played around the iron or the dangerous grinders – people could get killed.  Away from the iron was a different story.  We only had two females.  They both worked in the office.  In fact, I can only remember one female ever applying to work in the shop.  It was a bunch of guys working together and with no females there to keep us in line, the old adage ‘boys will be boys’ often played out.  Continue reading

Agent Orange is the New Black – I Like You, I’ll Kill You Last

Nasty Stuff - not a WMD?

Nasty Stuff – not a WMD?

There are of course many qualities and behaviors which should be nurtured as we’re trying to learn to be good leaders; aspects like integrity, trust, mutual respect and several others.  I’ve always tried to lead and manage by applying The Golden Rule.  I understand what it means to have the ‘luck of birth’.  We don’t get a choice as to our fathers and mothers or how they choose to raise us.  No one likes to follow, (or even be around), people who think they are better than others.  Humility is an important aspect to display when you’re trying to gain the respect of, and lead others.  Nowhere is this perhaps more important than in dangerous areas – whether it is in a militaristic situation or, in my case, working for 8 years in a foundry where perhaps 20% of our population had criminal records. Continue reading