Garage Doors Springing a Plot to Get Me

Well at least he's wearing eye protection

Well at least he’s wearing eye protection

I grew up believing electric garage door openers were only owned by the rich.  In the Prytania neighborhood where I grew up, no one had a garage door opener, some didn’t even have a garage (we being one of those).

Some garages have doors that have a wheel bearing assembly on their tops where the wheels ride on a rail.  This allows a person to pull aside the door, opening access to the garage.  Most garage doors though open from the top, the full weight of the door itself being lifted off the ground.  Let me tell you, they’re heavy; even those made of thin aluminum will typically weigh at least 75 pounds.  If they’re wooden?  Whoa, some can weigh upwards of a couple hundred pounds, especially if the door is older.  Kids – call a trained professional and don’t try this at home. Continue reading