Happy Birthday to Me



This month’s RTT writing challenge topic is birthdays.  I’m sure Emily knew it was my birthday and that this is the reason she chose this as the topic this month, (and has nothing to do with her child’s birthday).  I must admit, and I feel embarrassed about this, but I do not recall my own birthdays very well.  I look back at all the stories I’ve been able to write from my memories and sadly, as I sit here trying to draw on important birthdays like 21, 18, 16 and the all so dreaded ‘decade birthdays’, the only one I remember with a lot of clarity is the one I wrote about in my first concert (read me).  My parents had purchased tickets to Alice Cooper’s Welcome to my Nightmare concert in Cincinnati.  It was my first concert, a memorable performance and a feeling of crossing over into the early stage of adulthood.  Easy to remember, right? Continue reading