The Flying Beer-Guzzling Roller Derby Girls of Easter Weekend in Phoenix

What would Easter be like without Roller Derby?

As I am writing this, Easter is quickly approaching so I am reminded of a very memorable Easter weekend.  What do golf scrambles, roller derby, the Easter Bunny and bloody noses all have in common?  If you said, “nothing”, well then you aren’t alone.  Everyone who just read that responded just as you did.  And just like you, they are wrong. You just can’t make this stuff up.  Continue reading

Golfing Like an Amateur – Rated PG13 for Language

Fun Loving – How I Hope we are Remembered (not like F’ing Amateurs)

I think I’ve written this a few times in my stories but here it is again – I’ve always been a long term planner.  I think my desire to put together a long term plan and then stick to it all began as a very young teen as I was watching my parents go through the difficulties associated with bankruptcy.  So now, here we are in Arizona; golfing, hiking and biking every day.

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Surprise! You’re 50!

Rest in Peace, You're Officially Old

           Rest in Peace, You’re Officially Old

Just this past weekend, (as I am writing this story), I finished up driving our little red sports car from Sacramento to Phoenix.  The car is a 2000 Mazda Miata with still under 30,000 miles on it.  Believe it or not, it even still smells like a new car inside.  I had burned one of my favorite James Lee Burke audiobooks onto cd and this really helped to keep me alert during the 14 hour drive.  For extra company, I had purchased some D cell batteries for my Sirius Sportster ‘boombox’.  While I was down in Phoenix, I did get an opportunity to take in a round of golf.  I hooked up with a very nice Canadian couple for the round.  As I was trying to add to our conversation topics, I was reminded of one of only two of my visits to Canada.

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What is a Hole-in-Three? I’m Glad You Asked….

Scorecards from both my Aces as well as crappy Top Flite proving you don't need an expensive ball

Scorecards from both my Aces as well as crappy Top Flite proving you don’t need an expensive ball

How about a sports story this week?  I spent last weekend up in Tahoe on a golf trip with my wife and another couple.  We were all celebrating our wedding anniversaries, (as mentioned in this story).  The weather was very cooperative and we all had a great time.

Written about in this story, (link), my dad was a really good golfer who carried close to a zero handicap for all of his life.  He never had an ace, a hole-in-one though.  I am a so-so golfer, but luck has certainly shined my way in the game of golf.  It’s better to be lucky than good, right?

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My Wife is a Linguist

El elefante es grande, muy grande

El elefante es grande, muy grande

My wife is one of those lucky people born with great core balance and hand to eye coordination.  Something most people don’t know about her though is her amazing linguistic ability.  On one of our fun vacations, a couple of friends of ours got to witness this incredible attribute firsthand.

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Shag My Balls, Yeah Baby

Yeahhh Baby....

Yeahhh Baby….

This week you get to read about golf because as I’m beginning this story, I’m sitting in our Phoenix house, waiting for another couple to get off the highways and join us for a golfing weekend in the heat.

I kinda’ grew up in a golf household.  It’s the only sport my dad played, and boy was he good.  He carried a zero handicap for quite a number of years.  Don’t know what that is?  It means that on average, he would shoot ‘par’ each time he golfed.  That put him in the upper 1% of all golfers.  Hey, I guess that means I grew up in a one percenter household!  (So why did I have to buy my own underwear then?) (link) Continue reading

A Hole-in-One (is better than two in the bush)

My Second Ace

My Second Ace

I thought maybe I’d shift gears and write a story about a more recent occurrence.  My wife and I are golfers, (which is to say she’s a golfer and I golf – there’s a difference).  As this story is being published, we are enjoying the Phoenix Open together, hoping to brush shoulders with Tiger Woods.  Since a young boy, I have believed it to be very important for couples to not only have shared goals, but also to have shared activities.  There are very few women who have better hand-eye coordination than my wife.  That is to say, I’m sure there are lots of them, but I personally have never known one single woman who can attempt a sport and master it so quickly.  Continue reading