I Almost Met the President – My First Day at College

I felt as smart as these guys

I felt as smart as these guys

Hello everyone!  This week I am a pinch hitter for Emily who, along with Kelly, co-host a weekly blog hop called Remember the Time.

I know what most of you are thinking right now – I’m too new, I’m not good enough to co-host RTT.  You’re the rich college kids who race every year in the Little 500 and you think we Cutters aren’t good enough (for those of you who don’t get the joke, go watch Breaking Away – you won’t be sorry).  Well all I can tell you is that if you don’t like my story here, just ask Emily & Kelly for a “refund”.  I hope you have a good time feeling superior while you are laughing at my idiocy as an 18 year old.  All my stories are true – this is the story of my very first day at college in 1976 at Miami University of Ohio.


Now that I’m in my 50’s, I have the wonderful benefit of being able to look back and to celebrate many accomplishments – in my career, home life and education.  This is how it’s supposed to work out in America – you work your ass off and hopefully reap some benefits.  Among the educational accomplishments are a few degrees and a couple of certifications.  Yes, I gratefully can look back on these educational accomplishments…..but you sure wouldn’t have predicted that I could even successfully find the college lunchroom had you been with me on my very first day of college at Miami University of Ohio. Continue reading

What Goes Around, Comes Around – My First Speeding Ticket

Pull Over Kid

Pull Over Kid

Anyone reading this story I am sure remembers his or her first time they were issued a ticket for speeding.  How many of you though recall it with great fondness?  I do – it was a fine moment in my young life. Continue reading

How do you Mend a Broken Heart? – You Find The One you were Meant For

Better to leave your heart broken than to hurt yourself trying to fix it

Better to leave your heart broken than to hurt yourself trying to fix it

My wife and I were “destined” to be with each other.  I absolutely know this to be truth.  How do I know?  Well, you will have to stay tuned into my blog to learn as I am slowly making my way into those stories.  Before I posted any Kim tales, I wanted to write all the other childhood girlfriend stories to document my learning experience on the path to finding the love of my life, my wife of 35 year; indeed another childhood sweetheart as well since Kim and I began our journey together during high school.  The story here is of my final love before finally given the opportunity to try to win my future wife’s heart.

At least for a partial time during the school year, I pretty much had a girlfriend in every grade while growing up. Unless we were playing together, I never really knew much of what to do with them though except maybe to carry their books and walk them home. My first real ‘dating’ experience came at the age of 15. Her name was Betty. I met her at the First Baptist Church at one of the junior roller socials we used to have in the gymnasium. A ‘roller social’ was a time where we cleared the gymnasium floor, (which was also the church on Sunday), and we roller skated. It was open to us teenagers and it was a nice way to give us a safe haven to hang out at. Betty had come with a friend and I was immediately attracted to her big brown eyes and pretty face.

Continue reading

Buying Penny Candy with Pop Bottles

We didn't see a bunch of empty bottles - we saw 24c in Indiana!

We didn’t see a bunch of empty bottles – we saw 24c in Indiana!

When I was a kid, aluminum cans had not yet become very popular for sodas or beer.  Most everything was bottled and when you purchased a carton of sodas, (we called them “pops” in Ohio), you would have to pay a two cent deposit for every bottle.  When you finished drinking all of the pops, you’d put the bottles back into the carton and carry them back to the grocery store or quick mart.  You would receive two cents for each bottle or even-credit if you were purchasing more pops.  The bottles would get picked up by the delivery drivers and carried back to the bottling plants where they would be sanitized and reused for new product. Continue reading

Stump Beats Oil Pan Every Time!

Stump Wins!

Stump Wins!

Weekend nights (read me) as high schooler’s while Growing up on Prytania were likely a lot like they are today.  We’d typically have a hang out spot that we’d hit to share a few laughs and make some memories.  Maybe it would be Frisch’s or the roller rink or perhaps we’d just cruise around.  This story entry is all about the ride home on one of those nights.  It doesn’t qualify as one of those things that could have killed us, (as in this story), but it’s a fun memory of days gone by with my best friend during high school – Joe Copas.  Continue reading

Breaking Rules – Gee Rob, You Speak Spanish, Right?

This week’s

topic is about a time when I broke a rule or law.  I don’t know if all boys are full of mischief, but I broke a lot of rules while growing up and so did most of the kids I hung out with.  So as not to embarrass or implicate anyone in this story, the names of the characters are going to be changed. Continue reading

Missing Tricycle Seats can cause Hernias, Right?

I can't hear you!

I can’t hear you!

My dad was in the Marine Corps after high school.  He graduated in 1955, he and Mom were married in ’57 after she graduated and they were off to southern California; boot camp, Camp Pendleton – home of Gomer Pyle.

Yup - that's them

Yup – that’s them

Well, ok, so Gomer was filmed in Desilu and Paramount Studios, but it was supposed to be Pendleton in the show. Continue reading

Scott is King of the Hill

It was Scott, not Hank

It was Scott, not Hank

We had moved to Prytania after the 4th grade.  I attended Lincoln Elementary for 5th and 6th grades.  Coincidentally, my wife Kim attended Lincoln through 5th grade and lived only a block away from me but I didn’t know who she was and wouldn’t meet her until 10th grade. Continue reading

Fortress of Solitude – Snow Hideaway

For a few moments, I was alone like Superman

For a few moments, I was alone like Superman

A year or two after my mom and dad divorced, Mom remarried a man who had his 5 kids.  Mom had us four.  We were all light and blonde.  Joe was a pure bred Boston raised Italian and his first wife was Filipino.  All of his children were dark skinned and so we became a diversified Brady Bunch. I became the oldest of nine children at the young age of 12, getting ready to turn 13. Continue reading

The Power of Music – Diane was not a Green-Eyed Lady

Diane's Eyes were Brown

Diane’s Eyes were Brown

The other day I was listening to my car radio and heard Carole King’s song, “It’s Too Late”.  After it was over I kept wondering – where is Sugarloaf’s Green Eyed Lady?  All night I was mentally singing to myself It’s too Late which then got followed up in my mind by Green Eyed Lady.  So, I got to thinking about it and I realized that anytime I hear Carole’s song, I just automatically expect to hear the Sugarloaf song immediately afterwards.  Why was that?

I gave it some serious thought and came to the conclusion that it’s connected to a vivid childhood memory of love lost.  My summer girlfriend of 1971 when I was 13 was Diane Mathews.  In hindsight, Diane was my first ‘long-term relationship’.  Diane was a year older than I and attended St. Peters Catholic school, whereas I attended public schools.  She was cool and she was a good athlete.  She became the mold for my perfect woman, the one who I eventually fell in love with and married. Continue reading