Practical Joking in High School Spanish Class

The infamous Senor Heidler (El Guapo)

The infamous Senor Heidler (El Guapo)

No high school teacher sticks out in my memory in detail like Mr. Heidler, better known as Señor Heidler, our Spanish teacher. This is because I had him as a teacher in all my three years at Taft Sr. High Scool, 1974-1976. I took Spanish in 9th grade at Wilson Jr High School and then decided to continue when I got to high school.

I liked Spanish. I liked the sound of the words. Spanish and I got along very well, probably because it follows rules very well. I loved mathematics for the same reason – learn the rules and you can perform any problem. Learn the rules of Spanish and you can conjugate most verbs and pronounce almost every word. So I got to sit in Señor Heidler’s classes for 3 years and I was a good language student. I’d have to say that I had the best command of Spanish in our class. This was to play out to my advantage one day in a funny practical joke.

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