Rainy Days & Mondays in Junior High Chorus

When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange

When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange

Back in my junior high school years, there were only two kinds of boys – those who sang in the junior high chorus and those who considered themselves too cool to sing in the junior high chorus.  I wasn’t yet at the ‘I’m too cool’ stage of teenagedom and I’ve always loved singing, so on to the junior high chorus it is!  Besides, taking chorus meant that we didn’t have another class where we had to take a written test.  Continue reading

Life Lessons in Junior High Gym Class

Pick Me, Pick Me!

Pick Me, Pick Me!

In Junior high, was there anything more humiliating, scary and so full of life lessons than the gym class?  By the time I hit high school, they had renamed it Physical Education.  Physical Education is a much better term because we received education in so many valuable lessons and life skills; life skills that we would apply in our everyday world.  I’m of course talking about things like learning how to propel myself up a 30 foot rope made of horsehair and then there was the lesson about how to obtain the self-inflicted rope burns on the inside of our thighs.  The intention of this lesson, of course, was to teach us methods of applying Vaseline to ourselves or to learn how to walk like cowboys.  I remember how proud I was the day I figured out that I could climb the rope in gym (hint: if you had skinny arms like me, the trick was to have clean sneakers able to grab the rope so your legs could do the work). Continue reading

In My Life, I Once Knew a Boy Named Terry

I want to document my times with a boy who was once my best friend, a boy who has totally disappeared, making himself totally incognito to me….or dead, for all I know.

Terry in 9th Grade

Terry in 9th Grade

Continue reading

The Second Time I Saw Kim – Kim is a Waltz Skater

Ah, the familiar skating sign in Hamilton

Ah, the familiar skating sign in Hamilton

I shared the story of the very first time I ever saw Kim, my wife, in the Thunderbolts story (read me).  That experience was very unusual and the memory that lives with me is very vivid.  This is the story of the second time I ever saw Kim.  We still did not know each other.  Likely she didn’t even know my name yet….but I knew hers. Continue reading

How to Train a Fly – (another worthless skill which never made it to my resume)


At the time of this writing, I am down in Phoenix waiting for carpet guys.  One single fly had gotten into the house and had found its way to annoying me as I sat on the floor, just waiting for a phone call and writing while waiting.  I tried brushing the fly away, but it had decided I guess that I was the most interesting thing in the empty house.  I decided I would just go ahead and catch it and throw it outside.  Yes, I can catch flies.  I confess though that fly catching is not a skill that has ever made it to my resume (oh no, I saved that for the whole world to read). Continue reading