Living in LA

Where’s my buddie, Clete Purcel?

Being as that I am working my way through the Dave Robicheaux books by James Lee Burke and the fact that I recently visited my son who lives in Louisiana, I thought perhaps it’s time I try to write about the wonderful five years we lived in that state. MORE

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Hurricane Andrew – Our Story

Satellite path Andrew

Satellite path Andrew

 On the day I am beginning to write this story, we are getting our very first soaking rain here in the Sacramento valley.  Summertime is officially over.  I even heard thunder a few times, not a very common occurrence here in this area.  While living in Ohio, like a lot of people, I had the opinion that everyone in California worried on a daily basis about earthquakes and fires gone rampant.  Now that I’ve lived here in the Sacramento area for a dozen years and haven’t worried about either ever, I’m thinking perhaps this was a rumor started by Californians in an effort to try to keep down migration from other states.  Like most people, I have though experienced a few episodes of dangerous weather.

Joie de Vivre – Keeping the Spirit of Louisiana in the Retirement Years

ER Nurses Extraordinaire

ER Nurses Extraordinaire


At the time of beginning the writing of this story, my wife is living the very first day of retirement from a 37 year nursing career.  The plan is to set up a snowbird arrangement between Phoenix and Cincinnati.  The motorcycle has been sold, the house has been ‘decluttered’ and we now have it up for sale.  Continue reading

The Places We Lived – Houses and Apartment Life

Prytania - Where the Growing Up Began

Prytania – Where the Growing Up Began

As mentioned briefly in Camaro and Firebirds (read me) we all remember quite vividly the places we’ve lived and the many memories that are forged in those places.  Indeed, our paths in this life, the things we do, the things that happen to us, they are all strongly linked to the choices we’ve made for the places we’ve chosen to live in.  The tiniest change could have impacted so many elements of our past and future.  In our case, had we not moved to Louisiana, we might not have a third child, who knows?  I do – everything would change, everything.  Everything we see, everything we do, every choice we make is linked to every future action and choice.  It is a spiderweb, so choose wisely. Continue reading