The Day the Earth a Stood Still (While Teaching Calculus)

Do Your Calculus or Be Destroyed!

Do Your Calculus or Be Destroyed!

All the while growing up as a young boy, I felt I was good at only one single, solitary thing; math and memorization associated with math.  My mom claims that as a two year old I could identify every card in a deck of playing cards.  I have no memory of this.

My earliest memory of thinking that I was better than most at math goes back to second grade where we played a game in class whereby the teacher would pit us up against each other in a flash card competition.  One person would move around class to each individual whereupon the teacher would show a flash card.  If the person moving around the class responded, the person would keep moving, onto the next victim.  If the person seated answered the math flash card problem first, then that person would get to rise up out of his or her chair to become the new floater.  When the floater got to me, I would always win to become the new floater.  I never lost and I recall after my moving all the way around the entire class, the teacher would make me sit down so that someone else could take a turn.

Ah….Glory days in the second grade.  🙂 Continue reading