Willows do not Always Weep


I think I first learned to be generous from my very first childhood friend, Timmy.  My parents had moved from Fairfield, Ohio to Goodman Ave in Hamilton when I was 4 years old.  I lived immediately across the street from Timmy, he and I were the same age  and we were in the same classes from Kindergarten through Second grades.  From Tim I first learned the true meanings of loyalty, dependability, friendship and how to give.  Much more about Tim in another story, but for this one I wanted to mention Tim’s giving nature.  Through fourth grade until my parents moved to Prytania, we were peas and carrots.  Tim treated me as a brother.  Tim was a tough little fighter and he would take on anyone who attacked his friends.   Timmy was his mom’s ‘little man’ and was showered with any toy he ever wanted.  I would go so far as to say that he was a bit spoiled by his mom.  But Tim was not stingy – he would share with everyone and especially with me, he always made it clear that I could have anything I wanted.  If we went to Highland Park Dairy, (as we often did), Tim would typically have some change and that meant I would have change.  My early takeaway from Tim was that if you had something and your friend did not, you shared.  It was a simple lesson and it’s one I try to continue to emulate. Continue reading