Bucky the Wascully Wabbit – Blackey Needs a New Home

You want me to go where?

            You want me to go where?

The night I began writing this true tale is in the middle of December, just a couple of days before the coming of the shortest day of the year. We are so busy this month as we prepare for a final relocation to Phoenix. There is so much to do when moving and especially when downsizing. The biggest job of course is the rummaging through 2-3 decades of ‘stuff’ – do we keep the three bins of the kids’ kindergarten artwork? What gets sold on EBay? What gets donated to Goodwill? Should I send my name and address to this guy in Jackson, Florida so he can send me a check for my wife’s curio, the one he just loves from my Craigslist ad? And what about Blackey, the outdoor cat who adopted us 12 years ago?

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Sasha – A Pet Owner’s Love Story

Beautiful inside and out

Beautiful inside and out

Our beloved pet has developed serious issues with her bile ducts and as such, is not getting all she needs from her liver.  We know we’re not going to have her company for as long as we’d like.  I have always planned on writing a ‘celebrate Sasha’ story and so I decided to write it before she passes….just in case she sneaks onto the Internet to read my blog – this one’s for you Sasha, we love you!  Continue reading

The Cats in my Life – (more great memories of my dad)

See Puff pee?  Run, Puff, Run!

See Puff pee? Run, Puff, Run!

Being the firstborn amongst your siblings I guess has some advantages.  We typically don’t have to wear hand-me-downs, we get the most baby pictures taken of us, we can steal our siblings’ Halloween candy and we tend to be ‘grandma’s boy’ (or girl).  There are a few disadvantages documented in the parenting textbooks, but there can be some other lesser-known disadvantages.  In my case, I have a much different set of memories of my birth father than my siblings have.  Their relationship with my dad was, (I am sure), better than mine was (which I’m glad for). Continue reading