My Stepfather Joe


                     He usually was smiling

Joe was my stepfather, but he was so much more to me than just a substitute dad for when my biological dad wasn’t around.  How does one go about writing a tribute story about someone they loved?  I guess it’s by sharing my favorite memories of that person.  This one is about my stepfather – Joe. Continue reading

Hog Heaven – Preble County Pork Festival

Get there early!

Get there early!

I cooked up a mess of buttermilk pancakes the other morning and if I do say so myself, I make a pretty tasty pancake.  It had been several months since I’d cooked them because, well I just don’t have the number of ‘customers’ that I used to have.  Two thirds of my younger clientele has moved out, onto their own culinary feasts.  Many times when I’m cooking pancakes, (especially if kielbasa sausage is involved), I am reminded of the annual Pork Festival in Eaton, Ohio.  Continue reading