Ever Eat a Pine Cone? Many Parts are Edible

Ever eat a Pine Cone?


I don’t know what it is about my metabolism but I don’t typically feel hunger pangs, at least not on any type of normal schedule for people who have access to food whenever they want.  Oh, don’t get me wrong. I can definitely put away the food.     Continue reading

Do Deer Bite? Only if you try to Take Away Their English Muffins

Pete's son Tony, Pete, Steve, Me, Mike

Pete’s son Tony, Pete, Steve, Me, Mike

Frugality is founded on all riches having limits – Burke

I’ve written a few times recently about my having to visit our house in Phoenix.  Soon it will become our home away from snow.  Until then, when it’s my turn to visit, I like to eat out of the freezer.  I absolutely cannot stand to throw away food so I take it upon myself to eat the frozen leftovers from previous visits.  I don’t think ‘normal people’, (people who aren’t the finance person in the household), appreciate what a burden it is to always be mentally calculating the future value of waste or unnecessary spending (transportation spending can be the worst).  I’d rather have money to do things, take nice vacations.

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